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The Three Mortal Sins of Consumer Data

  Before you can ever hope to have a successful marketing campaign, you need to ensure that your consumer data will live up to the job it needs to support. A very high percentage of small business owners admit to not having such data to hand, and have learned the hard way that this can be a very costly mistake. Having clean, healthy data means ensuring that you do not commit any of the three mortal sins of data. Poor Data Accuracy Many businesses struggle with old and incomplete customer and business data which is often held in different formats and across many systems. Lack of accuracy was the main reason for not being able to leverage your data effectively. Before starting a campaign, you should consider initiating a data cleansing program to improve the accuracy of your consumer data. Although you could do this yourself, it is much more cost-effective to work with third party data suppliers who can cross-check your data against their own and update where needed. Research indicates that some 30% of your customer data will become out-dated each year if not kept up-to-date. This data corrosion is due to simple things such as moving home, changing job, a change in marital status or even something as mundane as changing mobile operator or internet/email provider. This means data cleansing should in fact be a standard part of your daily business operation. Fortunately, many suppliers such as UK Data House offer exactly such a service and provide ongoing maintenance of your database, thus ensuring you don’t commit the first mortal sin of consumer data.   Read More

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Marketing Data in 2016

Data driven marketing is engaging the marketing departments of companies now more than ever because it offers a much more targeted approach, in the way… Read More

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