When you are out and about you will see many forms of advertising and marketing directed towards consumers all of demographics, targeting ages, hobbies, lifestyle, homeownership and so on. The methods included in this type of marketing are ideal if you want to attract attention to your products and services but not pressure the customer into choosing you “right here and now”.
Reaching potential customers in this way, striking a direct message to the consumer target market you want, can be done through: postcard mailshots, direct mail materials, printed material for use in busy shops or communal areas (like leaflets or magazines), signs and billboard adverts.

Do I Need Data for this Type of Marketing?

It’s more beneficial to your business to spend money on marketing and save money on marketing and by this we mean that all businesses must market themselves. So, in order for consumer direct marketing to be cost effective, it’s best done right first time to save those pounds. Therefore, when you purchase data which reflects the consumer market you’re looking to target, you will be able to receive much better feedback and return from your campaigns than from a hit-and-hope promotion and most importantly, save money.
Consumer data profiling is crucial to your success and to make sure that you are giving consumers exactly what they want.

How Can I Attract New Customers?

Every business needs to keep generating and retaining customers, in order to stay afloat – so how can your business achieve increase its customer base? Firstly, you do need to set a budget and stick to it and then you need to test different methods to see what works best for you. It could be that you were put off the idea of direct mail before because you had no return: maybe the data you were using was inaccurate or you didn’t have the right offer or look to your campaign.

If you’re marketing online most of the time, not everything has to be done through say Facebook advertising tor Google AdWords (although these are very good ways to reach prospects), to reach consumers although it does work to gain recognition of your brand, in your chosen location(s). You may also choose to buy marketing data, to send out bundles or kits to homeowners which offer something interactive and fun to your potential customers. Coupons, special offers and free items are also a great idea but perhaps promote them in a way that they can only be bought through that direct mail marketing promotion.

Building Your Consumer Database

Whatever stage of business you are, building on your client list should always be a key area of focus. When you think about cleansing the existing [consumer data] you have, or you are purchasing new consumer data, you are consistently working towards a larger and more relevant audience to receive your message and which then confidently leads to some long-term clients at the same time.

As the saying goes. “If you build it, they will come!” So, don’t any more waste time – build your consumer database now and increase your reach.