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We’re very different to most companies. If you’re looking for a typical nine to five job then you probably shouldn’t apply here.

There’s nothing wrong with the concept, we understand most people want a clear definition between work and life. Our team is built on a foundation of truly committed individuals, where the difference between work and life often becomes blurred.

We employ people who love what they do; people who grow their career based on unlimited opportunity. They choose to join us because they get to have a true say in how the company evolves, how it grows, and how it helps our clients grow.

As well as the rewarding work we do, we’re rewarding in terms of remuneration. The right team members expect to earn significant salaries, whether in sales or support roles and regardless of age or experience. Our pay structures are designed to reward individuals based on their actual input. Every support team member earns a high salary, quarterly bonuses and excellent incentives. Sales team members receive high salaries, unparalleled and uncapped commission, as well as excellent incentives. We’re a generous company but far from the hard sales, hard closing environment. Our business grows purely through our clients ongoing success; our team members grow alongside that principle.

If you think you’re the person we’re looking for and the description below sounds like you, apply by sending your CV together with a covering letter to:

Current positions available:

Office Manager
Location: Ipswich, Kent
Organisation is one of your greatest strengths. You’re an excellent multi-tasker and have a passion for streamlining tasks and procedures. Routine is a positive not a negative, and you see benefit in structured work flow. You have the capabilities to manage the day to day requirements surrounding a team of twenty plus individuals. This is a challenging role where only the most capable of individuals will thrive. You’ll be continuously busy with a never ending to do list. You’ll get satisfaction by seeing the difference you make through your own direct actions.

Business Development Manager
Location: Ipswich, London, Kent, Bournemouth
Your remit is to grow your own successful repeat client base. You’ll be expected to support your clients at every stage, regardless of the revenue they generate. This is not a typical sales role. Existing client service is considered your main objective and prospecting for new clients is your lowest priority. You’ll receive potential client enquiries and together with ongoing support for your existing client base, these will remain your primary remit. We help business grow and you’ll build your client relationships through trust and willingness to support their goals.

Agency Director
Location: Ipswich, London, or Bournemouth
You’re an experienced, personable individual. As a strategic thinker, you’ll work with our existing agency and broker partners as well as expanding our trusted network. Your core objectives are to maintain current business while exploring additional avenues. You’ll be responsible for senior decisions based on considered opportunities and careful judgement. We thrive on our relationships with external partners and you’ll play a major part in our growth plans.

Sales Manager
Location: Ipswich, Kent
Working alongside our Sales Director, you’ll manage a growing team of Ipswich based Business Development Managers. Your role is to provide ongoing support and training whenever required. You’ll be a naturally positive and enthusiastic individual who has the ability to inspire and motivate your team. As the main point of contact for your team members, your leadership qualities will ensure team members receive the guidance and direction they need on a daily basis.

Junior Developer
Location: Bournemouth
With a confident understanding of SQL, mySQL and PHP, you’ll contribute to both our production team in Bournemouth and our directly employed development team in India. Working alongside our IT Director, you’ll be expected to take ownership of various development tasks in our ongoing cloud based CRM system and email marketing platform projects, as well as daily tasks involving server management and data manipulation. This role will challenge your skills while giving you a rewarding opportunity to make a significant difference in our IT operations and development projects.

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