Public Sector Data Supply

Some datasets are particularly hard to find, and this has never been truer than in the Public Sector. Utilising specialist resources within the industry, we have compiled highly accurate information from Local and Central Government contacts, to NHS Management contacts.

At UK Datahouse, we hold over 200,000 contacts, and each record has been meticulously researched to ensure accuracy. Our records are updated on a three month lifecycles to ensure the contact you are calling, emailing or mailing is the contact that you want to receive your marketing message.

Examples of some of the more popular datasets are: Central Government and QUANGOS, MP’s, Local Government Officers, Local Government Councillors, Parish Councils, Housing Associations, GP Surgeries, Care Homes and NHS Management.

Public Sector Data Supply

The NHS is the country’s largest employer, so it can be particularly hard to track down the most relevant contacts to you. At UK Datahouse, we can profile your data requirements based on NHS Trusts, GP Surgeries, regional associations covering certain areas, such as Scotland or Wales, or the National Board.

And finally, to ensure an extremely high level of accuracy, we validate all those contacts at the point of ordering. This guarantees that the contacts that you are marketing to are the right people, in the right roles, within the right organisations.

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