Do you send out digital or tangible marketing materials to current or new prospects, monthly? Or do you exert effort in the area of marketing only when business is quiet? Whatever your preference on when and how to market your business, no one can deny that quality consumer data is best used in its fresh and current form, to bring you the results you desire. By using data in this way, you will increase your business’s chance of building its customer base by injecting new business and consumer records into your marketing campaigns every month, whether business is booming or not. This is because it is more cost-effective and less time-consuming building rapport with the right contacts from the start, as well as profiling businesses that will definitely have a need for your service. If you’re already busy, then consistent marketing campaigns are still key and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Targeting your perfect audience and marketing to them will be a painless process, when using the right business data.

What Data is Right for my Business?

If you’re a new business, you may need a little help in sourcing the right prospects based on particular demographics. Perhaps if you have an ecommerce store and want to attract 18-50 years old females with an interest in fashion, for example, you will want the buy the best marketing data and create a campaign that is of interest to that audience, to generate leads. The business data that is right for you will be reflected in your potential customers interests and can even include information like mobile numbers for SMS marketing (if the consumer has provided this) and also hobbies and interests.

Searching For Consumer Records?

UK Datahouse has over 20 million records of consumer data that are ready for you to use in your campaigns and which are refreshed every 3-6 months. We know how difficult it can be to begin building a strong, customer base – or even refreshing an existing database – and being relevant to the audience you are trying to reach. We also advise on the best options for UK business data and will send you samples to work with, before your data purchase and offer email marketing campaigns in line with your goals.