With GDPR still hovering above the decisions you make about your data, you may want to think about purchasing new business or consumer data, as well as look into cleansing the data that you currently hold. The latter is so important because now that GDPR has highlighted the fact that any data you hold, “personal” information regarding individuals who are consumers or business owners, those consumers will want to have control of that data and will flex their right to access their data at any time.

Treating Consumer Data the Right Way

As a data provider, regulated by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), we are committed to ensuring that any consumer marketing data you purchase from us is up to date and accurate at all times. Of course, there will be instances when businesses all of a sudden move premises or consumers update their email again, even though this data was confirmed as accurate, say a month previously. Those same consumers also have the right to transfer their data from one organisation to another; as a company can you say that you actively do this, when asked? In addition, if a customer wants their business data and/or personal information erased, whether it’s via a CRM record, email address or mobile phone number, you must comply and here’s one of the reasons why you should think twice about the data you hold…

More News on GDPR Fines

In recent news, a South Wales firm was fined £60,000 due to an unsolicited SMS campaign, sending out over two-hundred and seventy thousand text messages. The fine came after a previous warning to the company about its activity and that it needed to make changes in the way it used the data it held. As they didn’t comply, they ended up with having to pay the hefty fine.

The messages were providing consumers with information about payday loans and the mobile network that the company were using to send out the campaign, had picked up on the activity and received complaints regarding the messages. Sending information out in such a way, without the consumers consent, can lead you into the trap of not only damaging your brand’s reputation but also effect the current customer and supplier relationships you hold – they won’t want to work with, or buy services from a company that has a bad reputation and it might affect theirs.

Advice on Data Regulations & Recommendations

If you’re looking to market to businesses in this way, such as with SMS marketing, be sure to speak to us first for some straightforward and no nonsense advice about data and how to market effectively, without getting penalised.  We are one of the largest data suppliers in the UK, not only providing profiled consumer data based on your requirements but also juicy and results-driven marketing campaigns to help you gain more customers.