You may have a great website, informative videos and social presence but when it comes to attracting the best customers to your business, have you looked at prospect data as a way to reach out?  When you buy marketing data you are also buying it with the knowledge that these are genuinely potential customers who are more aligned with and interested in what you provide, and from this you are then more able to create a better customer experience for them and build a more effective database.

Your Next Campaign: Start With Your Prospect In Mind

By starting any of your marketing campaigns with the right data, you are setting yourself up for better success in terms of generating leads but you also need to build the campaign in the right way.   Are you looking to appeal to a younger audience, individuals that enjoy travelling perhaps?  And how do you want to reach out to these prospects – email, SMS, direct mail…?  Start your campaign with them in mind from the outset.  If you are targeting a younger audience, you may want to use SMS for because at least 79% of smart-phones users use their mobile device when making purchasing decisions and with large percentage of young users.  

Why Not Try B2C Telesales Leads?

You may have tried calling potential prospects yourself or used a call centre in the past but not got anywhere.  So you might want to think about using B2C telesales leads – link to telesales page] to reach out directly to an audience which have already shown interest in a similar product.  Not everyone reacts badly to a sales call if it’s done correctly and if you have a passion for your products, they will soon begin to see its benefits.