For years, businesses have used informative periodicals such as Thomson or the Yellow Pages as a way to connect with other business, and so businesses place advertisements within these directories to highlight the services they provide.  However, when considering today’s lone sales caller or call centre team, this would be an antiquated approach at best. 

Even though business directories very much have their place, you can still get to the data that they have without having to resort to flicking page after page.  That’s when something new like consumer telemarketing data can be added to the mix in order to assist even the most seasoned caller to find some real gems.

Think about how much time it takes your sales staff currently, to get through calls that they make each day in order to bring you more sales.  If their time could be spent more effectively, then you need get them ready for implementing a new stage where better data is used.  This will lead to them being more efficient with their time when they are calling and you’ll enjoy a better return on investment.

If you are a leader of call centre staff, then you will probably have experienced the result of calling with bad or questionable data.  Spirits are deflated when, call after call, the team can’t get through or better still tell you that the person doesn’t exist or never worked for the company that they’re contacting.  When running a telemarketing campaign, having so many callers on board realistically dictates that you need to provide them with quality and accurate business or consumer data, in order to protect your business’s reputation, improve your staff’s performance and ultimately generate more leads.

When Should You Refresh Your Call Centre Data?

Call centre teams and even lone individuals can get through a large volume of calls when using the right software, therefore it stands to reason that you should keep investing in new business data even when you think you have enough.

With the amount of new businesses starting up every year and with those business getting ready to sell, merge or fold, you need to keep on top of these changes so that your team can reach the right decision maker.  If you are using consumer data, then you have even more reason to make sure that your B2C sales teams have the most relevant and up to date data as humanly possible.