As you probably know, this is time to start thinking about and preparing your Christmas marketing campaigns.  If you were to focus on one method, then video seems to be the popular for being the most emotive, impactful and likely to convert.  With 63% of businesses using video as a marketing tool, surely it’s time to get started.  You often see celebrity-endorsed brand videos and you may wish to do this at a local level for your own business, finding talented people in your area to help promote your own products and services.  A lot is taken in by the consumer: consciously and subconsciously, aurally and by sight, so that they are either mesmerised or turned away –  so it must be done right.

Build A Targeted Following

Unlike with other social networks, which all have their place, with video you can set the scene as you wish, build trust and hopefully get a big following based on your personal message.  It’s also non-intrusive compared to other marketing methods, as you’re not directly asking anything of the consumer, only for them to watch and enjoy.  If they sign up to your services because of seeing your video, then you’ve obviously done a great job and if they share your content it’s a further endorsement and respect towards your brand.  You may find that as an off-shoot of the video, you will have more enquiries through your website or other social media accounts.

Video For SEO & Email

Google loves video and if you know anything about SEO, you will see that videos have always been placed near the top of the search engines results, based on the related key word in search and also if you have the video embedded on your website.

A useful way to send out your video in the first instance, would be to use email marketing lists.  By using reliable consumer data in this way, you are refining the customer window and making sure that you don’t get caught foul of using data that is not opted-in – which would be a mistake given this year’s GDPR changes.  I also means that you are contacting potential customers that will have an interest in your products or services.

It’s Why YouTubers Are Successful

With the success of many YouTubers today, it’s easy to see how powerful video can be if you have the right message and are connecting that to the best audience.  PewDiePie, Justin Beiber, 5 Minute Crafts and Dude Perfect, are just some of the top 10 accounts within YouTube proving that this one platform covers most niches and offers something for everyone.  Most generations who have a smart phone enjoy watching videos on their mobile and you can capture quite a large audience with video – even more so if your competitor does not provide videos.

Set Up A Business Channel

Do you have a product that could benefit from monthly videos?  Does your competitor use video to attract new customers? If so, then it is worth setting up a channel to encourage subscribers and visitors to your website.  To monitor and see how engaging your video is, you should look at the following ratios: comments to views; likes to views, and views to subscribers.  There’s a lot of information available within the analytics and reporting area of YouTube, helping you to see what’s working and what’s not, and improve on user experience and conversion.

If you need consumer data to send your video to then give us a call.  We will be able to help you put your video together and help to market it for you, too.