We hear this question many times and for a business hots leads may be hard to come by if you are not using enough of the right methods.  At UK Datahouse we specialise in online as well as offline surveys.  This means that we can generate hot leads for your business, and consumer telemarketing data will be gathered together using your exact specifications.

Having a range of lead generation sources means that we are able to use all of our available resources, such as UK and international call centres, to get you the best range of data possible, leading to the best possible results.

How Will Lead Generation Help My Business?

Obviously no business can depend on one form of marketing, so lead generation adds something extra important to the mix.  If you have a business that wants to market to a specific audience, such a woman who love baking and will need bake ware products in order to enjoy successfully baked products, then we will be able to create a survey that will find out:

  • what brand do they usually purchase
  • what is their first choice for online when shopping for these items
  • how important is value for money when purchasing
  • when do they usually buy these type of products the most
  • …and so on

By surveying the market, we get to identify hot prospects and you get to enjoy targeted and profiled leads that are ready for your campaigns.

How Much Does Lead Generation Cost?

Whether you are a start-up or an established business you will want to maintain cost-effective marketing and advertising throughout, so our lifestyle survey leads which are sold on a cost per lead basis will be helpful to your budget.  Online and offline surveys are also useful if you are looking for a quick boost in sales and don’t really have time to send emails, make calls or go to networking events, for example. 

By identifying hot leads via consumer telesales records, you are one step ahead of your competitors and on plan with your budget.  As a new or existing business, budget is always a top priority so online and offline surveys will be perfect for you in generating leads but in a cost effective way. 

If you’re interested in conducting a survey, either to test the market or to promote your products and services, let us know your full requirements and we will put together a bespoke package for you.