If you have been trying to reach out to customers, perhaps using your existing database, with no break-through then maybe it’s time to find out what the missing link is within your campaigns.  If you are marketing in the UK or overseas, you must ensure that you carry out database cleaning to have more accurate records. Businesses can change employees, phone number, add a new domain for their website and so on, making it difficult for your campaigns to succeed if any of these details are wrong.

In a recent benchmark report of industries ranging from software, telecommunications, manufacturing and more, 62% analysed there was a gap in phone numbers and 87% found a gap in turnover information.  Knowing this, is it any wonder that a lot of businesses experience such low delivery or open rates? 

How To Improve On Your Email Campaigns

Following on from the above and improving on open rates and deliverability, we should ensure that you have up to date consumer telesales lists or business data, so that marketing teams are able to achieve their objectives and generate more leads for the business.  If the emails campaigns are implemented well and the data is accurate and of good quality, there is no reason why the email campaigns cannot be a success.

You can also think about sending timely emails which target the prospect at a particular point, such as if they have been a customer of yours for a year or you want to send them an offer every 3 months simply because you can.  Whatever it is you have to offer them for being a loyal customer, this type of personal approach to email will endear you to your prospects and be good for customer retention but can also be done in an automated fashion.

Email Campaign Follow Ups

Do you make sure that you are following up email campaigns with telephone, if needed?  If you have a great campaign and there are a lot of opens and click throughs, then you’ll want to maximise on that campaign.  A great way to utilise these consumer telesales leads is to get your sales team to follow up with each prospect accordingly, as they are already used to having contact with you.  You could do this within the first time of sending the email or wait until the fourth send, as long as you have a strategy to work with and then get your sales team to implement that with energy and enthusiasm, then you cannot go wrong.  You can also get these type of leads from telemarketing campaigns directly, so please ask us about this if you are interested in business or consumer telesales leads.