If your product is targeted to younger audiences such as the millennium generation, then you will probably be aware how much they love their technology such as their mobile devices and multiple social networking connections, and be making good on this through your marketing and advertising campaigns.  The younger generation of this digital age are much more aware of the fact that they can communicate quickly with each other via such online methods, and will quickly weed out the latest news, products, offers, entertainment gossip and so on.  But it seems that texts are the way in which they mostly prefer receiving communications.

In fact, a nationwide survey was recently completed by OpenMarket, who are a leading firm dealing in enterprise mobile user engagement, in which 500 millennials were quizzed on the ways in which they prefer to communicate.  It turned out that more millennials preferred to receive texts above phone calls, due to the disruption phone calls can have when they are leading their busy day to day lives.  They also find text reminders helpful, a way of organising their activities perhaps and they are not averse to receiving text from businesses either, especially if it is a reminder to say that their latest purchase is on its way.

Using Targeted Mobile Data

If you’ve ever thought of targeting consumers using SMS marketing data, then it could be that the millennial generation may be the most responsive of all.  Given that this kind of marketing isn’t as intrusive and can fit in with their busy lifestyles, you could instantly gain approval and recognition from the youth of today. Using data suppliers who can give you the most accurate up to date data, is also going to be essential to see progress.

So what companies have been SMS marketing as a way to reach out to new prospects?  We’ve listed a few companies below that use mobile marketing data as a way to promote their products:

  • London24 – is a service which offers text alerts for things to do and offers happening in London through using WhatsApp which is free but of course users have to subscribe and so with this method you will only be sending out to those who really want to receive such offers.  This is also like our consumer marketing datawhich is specifically opted-in data for your marketing campaigns.
  • Comedy Clubs –  The Joke Joint Comedy Club sends out texts for their Thursday night offers, giving free admission to those in college, the military or service industry, each having their own bespoke text code.
  • La Redoute – sends regular text messages about offers such as sales with 50%, free gifts or seasonally timed promotions.
  • Barclays – it’s a bank and you could do what you need to do online but sometimes you may have forgotten to check your statements etc., so free text alerts can help you keep track of your spending and also alert you if you’re overdrawn!

Due to the fact that text alerts are free, (as with email and social networking) the main aim of text message marketing is to keep raising brand awareness and make sure that you’re the first person to receive your prospects business.  This is why having targeted data is more useful.