For businesses young and old, the best form of direct marketing are those methods which are tried and tested but for the ever-evolving workplace and market a more finely tuned version is called upon.  Your business develops and changes constantly and new ideas are needed for businesses to keep up, so direct marketing campaigns have to change with that need. It could involve reaching out to those consumers who may appear to be beyond the usual customer profile.  This is where consumer data could help you maximise your reach and find out where your relevance lies and this relevance to your audience should always start with nurturing your brand so that you attract the right prospects.

Nurturing Your Brand

In a recent article from Campaign, Walt Disney, Just Eat and Philips talked about how to nurture a brand. One of the things that was clear and most likely the easiest to implement was to make sure the direction of your campaigns still hold the same message but reflect more so the challenges of today’s business and consumer environments in new ways; not just giving helpful information but finding openings from which to connect those prospects to your story in a more telling way.

Aligning Your Message With Your Vision

Once you feel confident in your message, the next step will be to alight that message with the right audience and then be consistent with it. Using email marketing lists that resonate with the recipient and convert them to a buyer will help to nurture your brand further and perhaps even change consumer’s perception about your company or industry.

Passion For Your Product

Also, let your passion for your product and service shine through your marketing – don’t forget to make the information you are sending out, more fun! And send out your campaigns at the most optimal times. Philips message was connected to a device that they came up with which helped people with sleep apnoea, so their marketing teams made sure that they the promotion for this product also helped people to sleep, (but we don’t mean in the boring sense!).

Listen & Get Feedback

Asking customers for feedback once they’ve purchased from you or shown interest in your product helps to maintain focus on the content you’re sending out, as well as making sure that your database stays true to your business’s vision and mission. Your brand isn’t just what you think about it, it’s how your prospects view what you do and whether it has meaning to them and if so, what is that meaning? If people do or don’t buy, you need to know why so that you make changes where necessary.

Market Research – Think About Surveys

As a provider of offline and online surveys, we know the importance of gathering specific ranges of data well. This invaluable insight about your prospects is what makes your campaigns and their return even more real. Why not get in touch with us now regarding how we can target the right audience for you?

We have lots of packages designed to get the ball rolling today to ensure your next campaign is relevant to your audience, aptly portrays the passion that you have for your brand and nurtures new customer relationships.