This blog is following on from our last discussion on purchasing email marketing lists, and what you need to think about when sending out to subscribers and new data.

So the data which you’ve purchased is opted-in but now you need to make a connection with your prospects. You will have purchased data that is targeted to your niche, therefore you will have a common interest here. If you have not bought a targeted data list then it may be harder to connect to just any business, but not impossible – giving something away for free will always be a great way to start a discussion, whether it be simple training video or e-book. But targeting the data towards your niche is the first thing to think about when purchasing consumer marketing data or business data.

You then need to ensure that the campaign you start is again targeted specifically to that niche so that any offers should be relevant, and it’s helpful if the email design itself also suits the audience. Perhaps you are only targeting a female audience, therefore particular colours may want to be used. When it comes to calling your prospects, it’s always useful to find a common ground so it’s easier to engage with them.

Campaign Sending with Marketing Lists

You’ve chosen a really good email marketing platform to send out your emails with and purchased your data. Before sending you’ve probably found that now the site has been up for a while you have a few subscriber emails to add to your lists which is great news, so you make sure that these are added to the campaign list as well.

Then you want to look at the stats of your email campaign, and if you paid attention to your subject line, content, images etc. things should be looking good: good open rate, good click through rate and a lower amount of bounces are than you’d expected. No unsubscribes so far.

Have You Called Them Yet?

Whatever business you’re looking to start, or if you are increasing your marketing efforts, buying business or consumer data is definitely a useful tool, and it will give you all the details that you need not just for email, but for direct mail and calling also. Purchasing consumer data is great for telemarketing, especially if used in conjunction with email campaigns.