No doubt you’re enjoying the sun as much as we are! Summer is great time to start making-good on those marketing initiatives, and following through with anything started in spring as you broaden your business’s horizons.

At UK Datahouse we’ve broadened our offerings to more than business marketing data for our customers this month, with our all in one marketing package. With any business whether they are a start-up or already established, there is always room for improvement and as the internet holds so much potential we decided to bring everything together in really effective, comprehensive marketing packages.

Data and email marketing are great for business and have proven that time and time again, but to be successful at what you do it’s clear to say that all marketing channels should be viewed as important to that success. Search engine optimisation, social media, content marketing and so on are crucial to the growth of your business online.

What is SEOLA?

SEOLA is the name for our new internet marketing package which delivers all the features that any business type can benefit from. If you’re a new business or still in the early stages it’s so important to ensure that your website is growing in the rankings, you want more people to see it and buy from you. Internet marketing helps to spread the word about your business and helps your website get to page 1.

Why Use Internet Marketing or SEOLA?

When you have a new website it’s easy just to think that ‘that’s it’ the website is completed and nothing more needs to be done, but with so much competition out there one has to do all one can to grow and maintain their position in their chosen niche. You will want to be above your competitors, not the one that is on the 2nd page of Google.

SEOLA looks to bridge that gap between you wanting more business online and actually generating more leads for your business. If there is enough activity being generated to your website, then the search engines sit up and take notice of that. So we devised a great collection of packages that include all the things that you need to help get you to get noticed such as: regular content updates for your website and for social media, search engine submissions, building links to your site, monthly reports and more. The bonus is that you will save money on hiring a full-time member of staff that would normally carry out these activities, and that’s crucial to your bottom line.

You need to pay for marketing in order to grow your business, but you can’t grow without it – it’s that simple.

Already Have Email Marketing and Data?

If you have email marketing lists and campaigns setup, then this will benefit you even more. Adding one of the four SEOLA packages we have available to your current marketing further guarantees your success online. If you were to just do one form of marketing and expect all your business to come from that, it sets an unrealistic precedent for future marketing activity and stops you from getting the return on investment you and your business deserve.

Your business can have plenty of customers and SEOLA can help you to get to that point without breaking the bank, whilst still offering a really great set of internet marketing tools and services to help you gain the advantage.