Apart from the fact that we supply our customers with a wide range of data, including various demographic and profiling options, we also understand the opportunity for our customers generate more business and sometimes this goes beyond a purchase of consumer data, for example. Facebook marketing can also target particular demographics so that you can attract your ideal customers to your ads.

Using business or consumer data that is profiled is part of a strategic approach and so adding more value to the marketing mix can include elements like paid advertising to generate even more profiled leads to your website and increase those calls coming in.

Does Facebook Advertising Work?

In fact, in latest news from Marketing Week it’s becoming even easier for advertisers to see more return on investment from their campaigns and this is supported by the trend in more consumers using mobile devices to make their purchase and an increase in ‘price per ad’ spend. Therefore, if you have a great Facebook management package in place to support the advertising campaign itself and the right team to manage it then it will further increase its success.

Return on Investment with Facebook Advertising

As with email marketing lists and targeted campaigns, Facebook advertising monitoring and reporting can give you valuable information about how your campaign is doing enabling you to measure the results, especially if you are working with advertising experts. Facebook ad impressions have increased by 32% in the first quarter of this year (with your campaign, the ad impressions will show how many times your post is displayed, this includes those users liking and/or sharing your posts), and this is usually an indication that people are investing further in what is working for them. With these improvements in mind, is Facebook something that your business could be overlooking at this point?

How Do I Get Started with Facebook for Business?

With the success of our email campaigns, we are now offering Facebook advertising campaigns to those businesses looking to reach out to potential customers via social media as an increased boost to their business. We also understand that some customers enjoy the social aspect of Twitter, Facebook etc. but may not have the time to complete these type of advertising campaigns or perhaps don’t know how to ensure that they are a success.

It could be that you are already implementing Facebook or Twitter campaigns or that you have some social media marketing in place, yet you want to see increased results from that marketing element in particular. This type of targeted marketing is as good as using consumer data for telephone or email marketing – ask us about the options that we have available and get started on receiving more leads today!