So you have decided to add an email sign up form to your website in the hope that you will attract people to sign up every time someone new visits your website. You’ve made it ultra-modern ensuring that nobody would want to pass up your helpful tips and advice. But is it really that simple?

The problem with the email sign up form, as in to ‘subscribe to my newsletter’, is that people don’t like getting bombarded with newsletters that they don’t have time to read and may give them the same information every month. What they would prefer is receiving emails that are actually of some physical, emotional, mental or financial benefit, or would otherwise provide some attractive proposition to them.

So what are our top tips for email marketing lists, and why would we encourage you to choose email lists for your campaigns over the ‘sign up to my newsletter’ button? Here’s why…

Tip 1 – What The Customer Wants The Customer Gets

By using email marketing lists that are targeting to specific ages, genders, shoppers or the like, you will only be reaching out to those who are going to have an interest in the emails that you send out. It’s a waste of your time and limits your reach by only sending information out to those who subscribed to your list. Valid yes, but the only option? No, far from it.

Tip 2 – Remember That People Will Change Their Mind

People will change their email, their preferences and more over the course of their lifetime; what they enjoyed last year may not be what’s really on their mind for this year. Hence, why would you send out an email blast containing information about buying a house to someone who has just bought a house in the past year? What’s worse is that you won’t know about it because you haven’t checked their email or your list itself for accuracy, and so the reader will immediately unsubscribe because your email is not relevant to their needs. Which brings us on to the next point.

Tip 3 – Have Accurate Details About Your Customers

Whether they have bought from you of have yet to purchase, you need to make sure that you have all the correct details for your customers. How can you do this with your subscriber data? The first thing that you should do is get your email marketing lists checked by data cleaning specialists.

Tip 4 – So Much More Than Just Email

Purchasing a list allows you to be more flexible in how you actually market to that list. You may send out emails but decide to switch things up a bit and also send out a direct mail campaign, for example, whereas having only subscriber’s emails limits you to the kind of information you send to those people. Whatever the case marketing lists are so much more than just growing your email base, and they’re growing your brand to boot.

Tip 5 – Create A Cult Following

When you do get round to sending out to your newly purchased list make sure that you prepare the email itself in a way which is specifically designed to attract people to your website or landing page, after all you’ve just spent money on new data so you will want to follow that through by getting customers to the right page and offering them the most appropriate service. By doing this you create trust between you and the sender and perhaps if you’re lucky a cult following; you will create a situation where people want to come to your website again and again because they know that something interesting is happening! Send out to lists that want to hear what you have to say and you’ll grow by default.