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Use this form to have your details removed from all our databases. If your details are supplied to us via a third party at any time in future, they will be not be used

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  • Removal requests actioned immediately
  • Client notification of removal requests
  • Safeguarded against any future receipt of details
  • Working with other likeminded data suppliers 

If you've been contacted by one of our clients and want to have your details removed, complete the form on the right and we’ll take the necessary action to ensure that your details are removed from all of our databases immediately. We take our responsibilities as a data supplier very seriously. We categorically don’t want to supply any details of people, who for any reason wish not to be contacted by telephone or email.

By using the same form, you can also subscribe to our Telecare service. Telecare is a UK Datahouse initiative. We work with marketing organisations in the UK and abroad in an attempt to reduce unwanted calls made to individuals who need them least. The Telecare service has been developed as a way to help protect vulnerable people from being contacted via telephone by direct marketing organisations. By working with other data suppliers and call centers, both in the UK and abroad, we aim to reduce the disruption and inconvenience that telemarketing activities cause for particular individuals. The Telecare service is completely free, we do not charge for this service.

To read more about the Telecare service and how it works click here.


The Telecare service has been designed with the following people in mind and is therefore suitable for individuals who fall under one of these categories:

• The elderly or people with hearing difficulties.
• Disabled people who may have difficulty, or are inconvenienced by, answering telephone calls.
• People who suffer from mental illness, who may answer positively to marketing calls, but ultimately have no desire or requirement for the outcome.
• Shift workers who should not be disturbed during normal operating hours due to irregular working patterns.

If you are one of these individuals, you are a family member, or a carer with authorisation to act on behalf of an individual, then please click here to complete the Telecare registration. Be sure to tick the ‘YES’ option to register for the Telecare service.

Telecare for business

As a company, we believe that this initiative is simply the right thing to do and we know that many organisations think the same. If your organisation would be keen to take part in the Telecare service then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive an information pack. You can also click here for further information.


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