Data, Demographics and Facebook Marketing

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Apart from the fact that we supply our customers with a wide range of data, including various demographic and profiling options, we also understand the opportunity for our customers generate more business and sometimes this goes beyond a purchase of consumer data, for example. Facebook marketing can also target particular demographics so that you can attract your ideal customers to your ads.

Using business or consumer data that is profiled is part of a strategic approach and so adding more value to the marketing mix can include elements like paid advertising to generate even more profiled leads to your website and increase those calls coming in.

Does Facebook Advertising Work?

In fact, in latest news from Marketing Week it’s becoming even easier for advertisers to see more return on investment from their campaigns and this is supported by the trend in more consumers using mobile devices to make their purchase and an increase in ‘price per ad’ spend. Therefore, if you have a great Facebook management package in place to support the advertising campaign itself and the right team to manage it then it will further increase its success.

Return on Investment with Facebook Advertising

As with email marketing lists and targeted campaigns, Facebook advertising monitoring and reporting can give you valuable information about how your campaign is doing enabling you to measure the results, especially if you are working with advertising experts. Facebook ad impressions have increased by 32% in the first quarter of this year (with your campaign, the ad impressions will show how many times your post is displayed, this includes those users liking and/or sharing your posts), and this is usually an indication that people are investing further in what is working for them. With these improvements in mind, is Facebook something that your business could be overlooking at this point?

How Do I Get Started with Facebook for Business?

With the success of our email campaigns, we are now offering Facebook advertising campaigns to those businesses looking to reach out to potential customers via social media as an increased boost to their business. We also understand that some customers enjoy the social aspect of Twitter, Facebook etc. but may not have the time to complete these type of advertising campaigns or perhaps don’t know how to ensure that they are a success.

It could be that you are already implementing Facebook or Twitter campaigns or that you have some social media marketing in place, yet you want to see increased results from that marketing element in particular. This type of targeted marketing is as good as using consumer data for telephone or email marketing – ask us about the options that we have available and get started on receiving more leads today![...]

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Marketing To The Public Sector


When marketing to businesses that are part of the public sector, there may be a sense that tendering is a very valid but yet restricted option. Most companies looking to work with say the NHS, local government bodies or Universities will usually go down the tendering process in order to win small to large contracts and will thus have to compete against other like businesses.

Aside from the tendering option then, if you have the right contacts and build a good relationship with public sector customers, then there is no reason why you can’t offer value in helping that organisation to run smoothly for however long your services are needed.

How To Get Started

The first thing to understand will be what your product or service will offer to the organisation that you’re trying to connect to. Will it help their IT systems or processes? Will it be a more tangible product offering like the interior design and furnishing of a new building? Or is it developmental training packages that are to be delivered within a group setting?

By identifying the needs of your prospect first, you will then be able to ensure that you have targeted public sector or education data that meets those requirements. Most individuals know this if they are a sole-trader or established business, yet somehow forget the needs of the customer and focussing more on the service they are providing.

Creating The Right Campaign

So, you now have the needs of your prospect in mind and you also have the business data that you need to start your marketing campaigns. The next thing will be to look at how you approach these prospects in the way that’s again most effective for them.

At UK Datahouse, we use email marketing lists to send out via our own platform so that you can enjoy leads coming in without having to pick up the phone. Email marketing is a very effective and non-intrusive way of reaching new prospects and allowing them time to digest the information that you have sent. Business appointment setting is also useful way of arranging a time with a senior decision maker, so that you can relay the benefits of your product or service in full in a one-to-one session or meeting. Appointment setting can also be provided by our team, so if you go out to meet potential customers please let us know if we can help to increase the number of appointments that you currently generate.

A Steady Stream

After successfully connecting with potential clients, you will be able to home in on those who are the most interested in what you can provide to them, and so generate valued customers. Using public sector and education email marketing lists frequently, perhaps purchasing more records each month as time goes on, will be invaluable in bringing you a regular stream of consistent clients for now and the future. Having a steady stream of new business is vital to your ongoing growth and success.[...]

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Search Engines & Your Database

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If you are a company that’s looking to grow your database or a more established business that is trying to expand, there is a lot to be said for utilising the power of SEO campaigns along with paid advertising campaigns to increase the size of your database of potential customers, through the method of email capture.

By using email marketing lists to send out marketing material and offers to those who have already found your business, along with any business or consumer data that you already hold or data which you want to purchase, you will be increasing your chances of success.

Location Based Targeting

In recent mobile marketing news, Yahoo who is one of the world’s largest search engines, is set to work with Statiq to increase location based targeting for brands within the UK, so you can imagine the possibilities for your business when using both SEO plus targeted business data to attract new prospects – prospects who are within your area and have a need for your services.

Even though businesses and consumers being targeted via specific areas isn’t new, what is the change is more meaningful campaigns, looking at what devices are used and where etc.

Physical Shop? Look Forward to Increased Footfall

If you use Yahoo ads, then you can sure to look forward to an increased footfall using this method as tested by Statiq and Yahoo. Their first campaign for o2 increased footfall to shops within the consumer’s location by 2.3 times, based on the paid advertising. So, when you couple this along with data for consumers which is also target towards those within specified locations, you will not only increase brand awareness greatly but increase sales as well.

Prepare To Succeed

Planning and preparing will lead to campaigns that perform well. By reviewing your database, making improved and informed choices about who your best customers are and taking action will ultimately lead to your marketing and advertising working for you. If you are not doing any form of data accrual, SEO campaign or paid search get in touch with us today. You can also enquire via our form on the website for a free SEO audit, where you can check for any glitches within your current SEO strategy.

We can also help to improve rankings, make on-site changes and look at your competitors to give you the advantage.  Building your database, along with increasing your place in search via organic and paid methods are vital elements of the marketing mix. Let us help you get to started and begin receiving more enquiries now![...]

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On Being Relevant To Your Audience

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For businesses young and old, the best form of direct marketing are those methods which are tried and tested but for the ever-evolving workplace and market a more finely tuned version is called upon.  Your business develops and changes constantly and new ideas are needed for businesses to keep up, so direct marketing campaigns have to change with that need. It could involve reaching out to those consumers who may appear to be beyond the usual customer profile.  This is where consumer data could help you maximise your reach and find out where your relevance lies and this relevance to your audience should always start with nurturing your brand so that you attract the right prospects.

Nurturing Your Brand

In a recent article from Campaign, Walt Disney, Just Eat and Philips talked about how to nurture a brand. One of the things that was clear and most likely the easiest to implement was to make sure the direction of your campaigns still hold the same message but reflect more so the challenges of today’s business and consumer environments in new ways; not just giving helpful information but finding openings from which to connect those prospects to your story in a more telling way.

Aligning Your Message With Your Vision

Once you feel confident in your message, the next step will be to alight that message with the right audience and then be consistent with it. Using email marketing lists that resonate with the recipient and convert them to a buyer will help to nurture your brand further and perhaps even change consumer’s perception about your company or industry.

Passion For Your Product

Also, let your passion for your product and service shine through your marketing – don’t forget to make the information you are sending out, more fun! And send out your campaigns at the most optimal times. Philips message was connected to a device that they came up with which helped people with sleep apnoea, so their marketing teams made sure that they the promotion for this product also helped people to sleep, (but we don’t mean in the boring sense!).

Listen & Get Feedback

Asking customers for feedback once they’ve purchased from you or shown interest in your product helps to maintain focus on the content you’re sending out, as well as making sure that your database stays true to your business’s vision and mission. Your brand isn’t just what you think about it, it’s how your prospects view what you do and whether it has meaning to them and if so, what is that meaning? If people do or don’t buy, you need to know why so that you make changes where necessary.

Market Research - Think About Surveys

As a provider of offline and online surveys, we know the importance of gathering specific ranges of data well. This invaluable insight about your prospects is what makes your campaigns and their return even more real. Why not get in touch with us now regarding how we can target the right audience for you?

We have lots of packages designed to get the ball rolling today to ensure your next campaign is relevant to your audience, aptly portrays the passion that you have for your brand and nurtures new customer relationships.[...]

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Will Your Customer Base Withstand Brexit? (Part Two)

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Has Your Prospect Opted-In?

Following on from last week’s blog which looked at a survey recently conducted by the DMA, we saw what businesses would need to do in order to cope with the latest GDPR changes.

When looking at business data or consumer data, most marketers felt that email would be the most affected by these changes. For example, email addresses change constantly, people change jobs or employ a new director and so contacts will obviously change at those times. As a marketer, you don’t want your customer to experience high bounce rates because email details are incorrect or for them to realise that you didn’t check the data prior to a campaign send, which you then find contain emails which aren't opted-in.

If you are carrying out your email marketing campaigns thoroughly, have fresh and current data and have got enough of a brief from your client on what kind of prospects they would like to send the campaign out to, then you are halfway there; it makes no sense to send emails to those who have no interest in your product or service, or to those who have previously unsubscribed.

Consent To Phone Calls & Emails

Another issue that most marketers are faced with is the consent on the information given. Is it okay to email, call or send direct mail to this business or individual? When did they opt in, what information did they give and how often is this information checked? This is another helpful aspect of preference screening and why some people choose to be CTPS registered, as they do not want to receive any telephone calls.

Many businesses are unprepared or even unaware that there is a need to make sure that the data which they have in house has gone through the database cleaning process, and with 70% of marketers concerned about the consent of the data that they use there is a definite need to verify any data you hold on a regular basis. Consistent verification of any email addresses and telephone numbers is vital to not only stay within the law but also to make sure that your campaigns are as successful as possible; you don’t want your marketing team’s time and budget wasted because your business’s database is incorrect.

The Positives To Take Home

What we can also do is ensure that we plan for these changes by conducting database cleaning and making sure that the data you have and perhaps data you want to purchase is not a duplication of what you have, has incorrect emails or other errors. Email is the one piece of information that has a higher turnaround of change, so the best thing about maintaining the data that you currently have and pursuing newer data is that you will not only be targeting the most receptive businesses and consumers but protecting your business at the same time.

By verifying your data in a timely fashion, say every 3 months, you will be making sure that you stay connected with your customers, maintaining the customer relationship and perhaps increasing business with them.[...]

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Will Your Customer Base Withstand Brexit?

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You may have experienced many changes to your business since the announcement of Brexit and no one could fail deny that many businesses have suffered more than anticipated, with some on the brink of closure. In these early break-away stages, before Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty has been signed, sealed and delivered, there is a lot of insecurity among business owners who worry about losing customers or potential contracts due to this big change.

As a UK data supplier who cares about the growth of your business, we thought we would look at the new changes posed by the GDPR and what this will mean for the data that you hold about your customers and potential prospects.

What Is The GDPR?

It may seem odd to think that Brexit could be a cause of concern for your business data usage, however please read on to understand more about new changes in the way the data you use is regulated.

GDPR means “General Data Protection Regulation” and is set out to ensure that any data, (whether for marketing material that will be directed at businesses or consumers, or otherwise) is freely given, is specific to the recipients needs and requirements and that those recipients have given the sender the right for their data to be used for the purpose at hand.

Protection Against Spam

In general, a person will receive frequent emails, calls and sometimes texts from companies that know what that person likes because they have signed up to receive this information, either by way of filling in a form first-hand at an event or by ticking a box to receive information via 3rd parties, through an online coupon for example. This is called opted-in information on the prospect that has been given freely.

The opposite of this, is that you will have those companies who intend to send spam emails to your inbox and don’t care that they are sending informative which is either superlative to your needs or pester you with phone calls. These GDPR changes have come to light to ensure that companies are more aware of what information they hold on their prospects, making sure that they are sending out truly relevant information that benefits you and also protects you as a consumer.

Misuse of Data – What Would Be The Impact?

If you don’t regularly check on the quality and accuracy of your business and/consumer database, as per the GDPR recommendations, then you are not prepared for the potential impact on how your business will fair when these new changes come in – what if you experience sudden drop-offs, potential fines or bad press, how will you cope with the after effect?

If you are a business or individual that sends out email campaigns, makes sales calls or sends direct mail, you still have time to make important changes to the way that you collect and utilise the data you hold, before the GDPR changes will be enforced in May 2018. [source:]. 

(Continues next week...)[...]

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How Useful is Your Data?

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Understanding Your Customers

The main goals of any marketing campaign is to relate in a meaningful way to your audience so that you increase your customer base, sales figures and ultimately your profit. Without understanding who your customers are and what makes them who they are, it's difficult to communicate with them in a way that is both effective and engaging. Understanding your customers begins with having up to date consumer marketing data.
When asked about the why of the failure of their marketing campaign, many business owners gave poor data accuracy, lack of usability of their data and lack of debt of their data as the main reasons.

Maximise Your Marketing Campaign's Success

Before you engage in an expensive, full scale marketing campaign, it is necessary to know exactly what information you need to have at hand to successfully target your intended audience.
Although you can do this yourself, you will most likely in a very short time become completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the data.

Have You Got the Resources

You will, especially as a small business owner, find that you simply haven’t got the resources available to you to wade through all this data.

You will also almost certainly make the very common mistake of being guided by what is currently available to you rather than investigating what could in fact become available to you as additional data if you ask the right questions regarding your target audience.



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The Power Of Marketing Lists

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Marketing Lists Make All The Difference

Many people claim to realise the power of marketing, while at the same time most of them fail to see the necessity of making accurate, relevant and up to date marketing lists available to their sales staff to help that staff unleash the true power of marketing. Why spend money on buying lists which can easily be obtained for free on line, or why not simply use the existing telephone directory and start making those calls? The simplistic reasoning is that sales will automatically follow and up to a certain extent, this is true. Some sales will indeed follow, but the reality is that using this method more often than not results in not only no sales, but the caller very often ends up with a thoroughly disgruntled recipient who feels their time was wasted and who will be much harder to convert into a buyer when something that is of interest to them comes along and they get the next call.

How many stories do we know of serious verbal abuse and threats being issued at cold callers because of the perception that they are time wasters? There is indeed no difference between this kind of cold-calling and the old fashioned knock on the door method, hoping that charm and good luck will do the trick. When looking at sales, most people will just see the numbers involved, and they simply make the circular statement that in order to increase profit, either the units sold must increase or the profit margins must increase.

In order to increase the numbers… we must increase the numbers. One of the most effective ways of achieving this increase in sales is through the technique known as telemarketing. However, only to often is insufficient thought given to which numbers they are talking about and how this increase can be achieved in an efficient way. Until, that is, it dawns on those responsible that expensive staff is working hard on trying to increase the numbers but getting nowhere because they don’t have the right tools at hand. As always, the solution lies in making the right consumer marketing data available to your sales staff.

Telemarketing Lists For All Types Of Marketing Campaigns

A telemarketing list is not just any old list. Depending on the sales pitch you are making, your lists will need to comply with certain basic requirements such as containing marketing data which give potential customers within the targeted age bracket, have the correct balance between the genders for the product you are marketing, show potential customers residing in the target area and much, much more. Your lists must first and foremost accurately reflect your target market in all its aspects. They must contain relevant data and be up to date. UK Datahouse supplies list which fulfil all these requirements and much more.

Business to Consumer telemarketing leads

Our business to consumer telemarketing leads are exactly that. They are leads that allow a business to contact private consumers, and thus contain a totally different set of data as would a business to business telemarketing list. Having the right as well as the correct data at your fingertips is the very first requirement for a successful telemarketing campaign, and UK Datahouse guarantees you exactly that. The right list for the right job.[...]

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