Your new website is finally up and running after many tweaks and idea changes, and you’re finally ready to get some traffic to your website. So you decide after having written your first blog to double check your sign up form on your website, ) so that people can connect more easily to your newsletter/updates. You’ve probably read many times that it’s ‘all in the list’ by everyone in the know; they believe that this is the best way to gather email addresses.

However, weeks go by and aside from the social and pay per click activity, you find that you haven’t achieved as many prospect connections as you would have liked or hoped for. There’s nothing worse when you put that much effort into your business, and website, to find that people just aren’t responding to your call. So you decide to buy email marketing lists of potential prospects, never look back and wonder why you waited in hope for the inbox to fill up or the phone to ring.

Not Just Any List

Many ‘reputable’ email marketing vendors won’t let you send out to just any mailing lists through their software, and this is down to their reputation management (after all if you get blacklisted it doesn’t bode well for them either!). We came across an article from a while ago that talked about ‘not’ buying email lists and while this may be true for some of the bad data companies out there, fortunately there are other companies out there that do let you send out to a purchased email list.

Email marketing companies that let you send out to any data is because they understand that, just because you bought it doesn’t mean that it’s bad data. On the contrary, purchased data is more likely to be up to date information containing emails, telephone numbers and addresses from REAL businesses and consumers. Having a good data suppliers for your campaigns is crucial to your success.

Quality Assured

When you purchase an email list you are taking a chance on whether that data is correct or not, but if it is from a reputable source then you will have no need to worry about your email campaign deliverability, or more importantly being classed as a spammer.

With regards to data updates, if someone has left a company within a week of a large business database being updated, then obviously it was too late to update the record. This is why regular data purchases are best, and assure that you’re sending out to valid email addresses.

The Customer’s Preference

Businesses and consumers frequently add themselves to what’s called the Telephone Protection Service, and they do so because they don’t want to receive any phone calls from companies with offers. With emails there is also something that you can do to ensure that people can ‘opt out’. It’s important in your emails to always have the ‘unsubscribe’ button or link present, this acts as a way of letting the receiver know that should they wish to opt out of receiving correspondence from you, they can do this with ease.

Purchasing quality data will mean that you have a lot less people looking to unsubscribe because they have chosen to receive offers such as yours, and can see the value in doing so. There will always be something new that your potential customer needs, and this is true for consumers and businesses alike so it’s time to take action on that need and make it happen.

This blog will be continued next week…