With regards to return on investment, businesses want to make sure that running a campaign will bring them a certain amount of leads or sales.  With that in mind, The Direct Marketing Association have said that email has been the most effective and outperformed other methods of marketing.  When looking at the numbers, they said that email generates a return of £29.64 for every £1 spent, proving that you really should give email marketing a try for your business, (if you haven’t implemented it already!) as it does provide results. 

Considering the return that email marketing gives us then, if you are not using email already to market your business’s products or services then you are missing out.  Businesses that use the full marketing mix available to them are more likely to achieve success in their industry, and gain more customers over time than those who sit back and wait for referrals or for the phone to ring.  It is also essential to use good quality data to help you gain better results.

UK Datahouse are experts in the data industry, and we can help with choosing the right email marketing lists for you to send out to if you are looking to expand upon your current customer base. 

Accurate Emails For Sending

The next thing you need to think about is your business data or consumer data, depending on your target audience.  As you’ll want to send out to marketing lists in order to gain more awareness of your brand through the campaign, you want to ensure that you have the most up to date information to hand, without relying on only your subscriber list. 

The quality and accuracy of your marketing lists will ultimately be reflected in your email campaigns, so there is also something called database cleaning which help to weed out old or irrelevant information so that you only send emails out to those who will want to receive the information you are sending out.  Accurate email campaigns will lead to better results for your business.

Reliable Email Marketing Services

Once you have ensured that you have met the right criteria for the email to be sent out, all you need to consider now Is what email platform to send it with.  With our email design, campaigns and platform you’re in control at every stage.  Once you’re happy with your email design, the next step is the test and send stage.  We will work with you to deliver the full solution, and make sure that you have a persuasive creative that will turn heads and help to generate new leads and sales.  The email design aspect is one of the most important factors in getting a good return on investment from your email marketing campaigns, and you will plan it thoroughly so that it sits right with your target audience but so is the system that you are sending it from.  So having a reliable email marketing platform from which to send your campaigns will be most helpful indeed.