SEO (search engine optimisation) is very important to your website and to its rise in the search engines. If you want to be page 1 you can’t exactly sit back and wait for it to happen, unfortunately it is not that easy or straight forward but Google’s updates have made things fairer over the last decade. You may need to employ an SEO company on your behalf to make the changes for you.

SEO is both an onsite and an offsite deal whereby you get the website search engine ready, and then build links and add content to the website to get higher placement in local or national searches. If you’re not doing this you’re missing out and your website won’t be going anywhere quick.

What Are The Updates All About?

The search engine updates have meant that people are doing more than ever to ensure that whatever the search engines throw at them, their website can handle it and organic style internet marketing is the most highly favoured. Given that this activity is consistent in nature, for example creating daily updates in social feeds and current to the website’s niche (perhaps adding blogs once per week on your relevant niche subject), the website is less likely to be negatively affected by search engines updates.

Not only are social and website updates important for your brand awareness, this organic activity is much more favourable that its adversary. Anything that is forced, automated, perhaps is in excess and/or tries to trick the search engines, is known as black hat. Updates are carried out to ensure that website owners are playing fair, after all there are a lot of websites out there.

Why is SEO Important? It’s You Against Them

Consistent SEO practise is important because of the other websites (your competitors) yearning for the search engines attention, and because of this your site will need to carry out some kind of activity daily in order for the search engines notice you.

According to Tech Made Easy there were 861,379,000 websites that were online in the World Wide Web as of January 2014. With that many websites being online around the world, setting your site live and thinking it will get to page 1 without any help at all is just wishful thinking.

Given the above figure and knowing how many local, or even national, competitors you may be up against it would be wise to start thinking about what SEO can do for your website. There are many businesses out there that are also on page 1 and you need to be up there with them, having such a placement for your key terms is going to be conducive to more sales over time and will always keep your business in the spotlight.

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