Telemarketing is still alive and well and whether it’s inbound or outbound, it needs to be powered by quality prospect databases.  Maintain a focus on your best customers and update your marketing lists accordingly, then when your sales team get round to starting their campaigns they will feel confident that they are calling the right businesses or consumers first time.  Your team will also need to know the objectives of the campaign: are you looking to generate appointments, business intelligence or sell a specific product?  Being clear in your objectives with your sales team, will also make you more aware of the data that you are using to make realising those objectives a reality.

The Data Is An Important Element

Most businesses will tell you that they have used a variety of sources for their data until they settled on a main data supplier, as they will have realised that there are no one size fits all approach and they need specific data in order to gain new prospects.  Regardless of the time element for the length of your campaigns, you will still need good data to make sure they are successful overall.  Many businesses don’t realise that they will need a budget for data purchases, precisely so that they can save money and time which could be better spent by their telemarketing team or when conducting email campaigns.  Make sure that you buy marketing data when the budget allows so that you can be more thorough in your campaigns, as data is the very foundation to your success here.

No Time To Generate Leads?

If you don’t have time to generate leads yourself, a call centre could be better placed to help identify hot prospects through conducting market research or help to boost the brand awareness of your company by making calls on your behalf.  Cold calls are a thing of the past, and our team are especially adept at interacting with customers and generating rapport.  Scripts are merely an addition to what we know already about your products and services, and no sales people worth their salt will run off a script alone.  You can think of us as an extension of your business and let us do the hard work for you, in generating new leads and sales.  We will also provide you will valuable feedback

Another way in which you can generate leads is by running email campaigns with highly qualified business or consumer data, once they are setup all you need to think about is replying to any interested parties or taking sales phone calls.  Feel free to ask us about our email software and the campaigns that we have already run for clients.  We have implemented a mixture of B2C and B2B campaigns and helped businesses with their email creative as well.

Improved Data, Improved Results

By utilising accurate up to date information on your prospects, you will be able to gain access to the correct audience and therefore start to build trust and new business relationships.  It will improve every aspect of your marketing and create more connections for you, perhaps in becoming an authority in your sector or niche.  If you have any special offers or events that people can sign up to, then you’ll also want quality data in order to attract the right attendees and publicity.  The bonds that you create with new businesses should be meaningful, and ideally this means using data which will prove a foundation for this happen and ultimately lead to long-term customers, and partnerships.