Setting Up Your Email Lists

So you’re all set to go live with your campaigns this year and want to get cracking on turning those subscribers from the website into long-term customers.  However, sourcing data in this way isn’t the only way to grow your marketing lists.  It is a good way of generating databases based on those interested in your services, but there is another addition to your marketing bow if you have a reliable UK data supplier to hand.  Conducting your marketing through using a mixture of subscriber and purchased data is especially useful if you have an ecommerce store, as you will eventually want to go beyond your subscriber list to help increase conversions on the website.  It could be that you’ve maximised the usage of your current database and now need to improve on what you have, or start afresh all-together. 

Email marketing for example helps to create a real call to action, and again it can help convert site visitors to customers too – even better if you are using accurate data.  Making sure your email lists are cleansed will be crucial to your success when running email campaigns.  The stats from the campaigns will be much more effective if you have up to date information for your potential customers, and it will make re-targeting more fruitful.  You don’t want to have an attitude of something is better than nothing when sending out emails, rather it should be all about quality offers, content and using the best data possible to send that information to.

What Are Your Overall Goals?

The first thing to think about is, what do you want to achieve from your next campaign?  Perhaps you want to increase traffic to your website, to sell ‘x’ amount of products per week/month or increase the amount of leads, then business or consumer data should be the first place you start when looking at making your campaigns more productive. 

Then once you have found your business data or consumer marketing list, the next step will be looking at what channels will be most effective for your campaign.  You could think about using email with video to get more traffic to your website, or use a telemarketing team to generate appointments for you.

Improving on Your Data Each Time

Even though you have purchased new consumer or business data to add to your marketing lists, you can never have enough targeted data.  It is a good idea to add to your data lists every month, not just to increase the reach and overall effectiveness or your campaigns but to include any new businesses or consumers that hadn’t previously opted in.  You want to generate as many leads as possible, and so by having an accurate up to date list of interested parties you will be improving on your results each time you market to these prospects.