Eye-Catching Email Design

Email can be a great way to attract new prospects and so in terms of attraction, the design of the email you send is equally important.  When sending out an email campaigns, you want to ensure that it is eye-catching and delivers the right message so that when people receive your information or offers they are excited to get I touch with you, and here more.  If you haven’t started to conduct email marketing campaigns yet, now is the time.  Your competitors will already be sending out promotions, newsletters and white papers to generate more interest from current and new customers to make other businesses and consumers ware of their existence.

Many small to large organisations use email shots for sending out newsletters to current customers and subscribers but also to send out sales emails to prospects to increase the flow of new business.  Your email design should therefore also be mobile responsive, as you need to think about people accessing your email campaign from a mobile device and for those who have smaller monitors.  If they can see your email clearly they clearly on any device, then they are more likely to respond in the way that you intended.

All About Your Brand, All About The Customer

The best email design should always reflect your branding and logo, as well as being targeted towards the customer’s needs.  If you send out email campaigns that always have a consistent message are in line with your brand, your customers and subscribers will always know what to expect from you and it will also act as a gentle reminder of your products and services.  It’s important for the email’s design to give a positive and lasting impression of your business and your brand. 

In respect of those on the receiving end of your emails, if you are targeting a particular industry it’s a good idea to look at aspects that will reflect their business perfectly whilst still keeping elements of your brand in as well.  Perhaps think about ways to adapt the colouring, font, choice of photo and perhaps call to action buttons or offers so that the emails are specially targeted to their niche.  This will also help to generate a better response as you will be marketing with them in mind, rather than it being all about your business and what you can do for them. Targeting businesses or consumers in such a way will also promote a loyalty to your brand, and again create a consistent message about what you offer.  Consumer marketing data will also be useful to achieving better results with campaigns going out to the consumer market.

Best Practices For Email Design

There are quite a few practices to consider when conducting email campaign, but the main ones are to make sure that your email design includes:

  • The right links, so that readers can easily go to the relevant pages on your website
  • Don’t include too many images
  • Avoid using CSS
  • Make it easy for people to unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive emails from you
  • Minimise the text of your email so that it’s not too much for the recipient, or contains words that are too spammy for the software receiving the email
  • Use business data that is verified and opted-in, this will increase your chances of success and prevent unsubscribes or blacklisting

By following these practices, you are also providing value to those receiving the emails you send out as well as protecting yourself from being blacklisted.

(cont. next week)