Marketing Lists Make All The Difference

Many people claim to realise the power of marketing, while at the same time most of them fail to see the necessity of making accurate, relevant and up to date marketing lists available to their sales staff to help that staff unleash the true power of marketing. Why spend money on buying lists which can easily be obtained for free on line, or why not simply use the existing telephone directory and start making those calls? The simplistic reasoning is that sales will automatically follow and up to a certain extent, this is true. Some sales will indeed follow, but the reality is that using this method more often than not results in not only no sales, but the caller very often ends up with a thoroughly disgruntled recipient who feels their time was wasted and who will be much harder to convert into a buyer when something that is of interest to them comes along and they get the next call.

How many stories do we know of serious verbal abuse and threats being issued at cold callers because of the perception that they are time wasters? There is indeed no difference between this kind of cold-calling and the old fashioned knock on the door method, hoping that charm and good luck will do the trick. When looking at sales, most people will just see the numbers involved, and they simply make the circular statement that in order to increase profit, either the units sold must increase or the profit margins must increase.

In order to increase the numbers… we must increase the numbers. One of the most effective ways of achieving this increase in sales is through the technique known as telemarketing. However, only to often is insufficient thought given to which numbers they are talking about and how this increase can be achieved in an efficient way. Until, that is, it dawns on those responsible that expensive staff is working hard on trying to increase the numbers but getting nowhere because they don’t have the right tools at hand. As always, the solution lies in making the right consumer marketing data available to your sales staff.

Telemarketing Lists For All Types Of Marketing Campaigns

A telemarketing list is not just any old list. Depending on the sales pitch you are making, your lists will need to comply with certain basic requirements such as containing marketing data which give potential customers within the targeted age bracket, have the correct balance between the genders for the product you are marketing, show potential customers residing in the target area and much, much more. Your lists must first and foremost accurately reflect your target market in all its aspects. They must contain relevant data and be up to date. UK Datahouse supplies list which fulfil all these requirements and much more.

Business to Consumer telemarketing leads

Our business to consumer telemarketing leads are exactly that. They are leads that allow a business to contact private consumers, and thus contain a totally different set of data as would a business to business telemarketing list. Having the right as well as the correct data at your fingertips is the very first requirement for a successful telemarketing campaign, and UK Datahouse guarantees you exactly that. The right list for the right job.