Many call centres exist to provide leads, sales and generate appointments for their customers.  However, what increases their chances of success is to use qualified, consumer telemarketing lists.  It is these lists which enable them to make calls which are much more productive and have a better chance of return because they know that the recipients they are contacting will be interested in hearing about new offers and so on. 

Telemarketing lists are also useful for contacting businesses that are not on the CTPS register, (or consumers who are not on the TPS register), and this means that it is okay to call them directly without the risk of a fine.  The reason that this is helpful is so that when sending out other types of campaigns, you will be able to follow up on that

Targeted Consumer Leads

Consumers in general don’t like being bothered at certain times or by certain companies, and so what you can do is use B2C telesales leads to really hone in on those who are interested and do want to hear about what you have to offer.  For example, if you are promoting a product that is only suitable for women aged 30-70 then you will want to make sure that your leads do not contain information for males and who are outside of that age group.

Leads are very useful for increasing the chances of success of your campaign, and it’s also helpful for the sales team.  If your team is confused as to why they are not getting results and they are doing their job well, then you need to make sure that they have up to date information that they can work with. By using targeted consumer data your team will be ahead of their game, perform better and generate the results you desire.

Millions of Records Available

We have access to millions of consumer records that are ready to be used by you, and your team.  The data will be easy to import into your CRM, and all relevant contact information will be added for each lead matched to your specifications.   Just let us know what campaign you are thinking of sending and we’ll make sure that you have the right data for your campaign.

We also have extended profiling options that are perfect for creating really targeted consumer data lists, this is turn means better results for you as you will only be calling people who want to receive offers like the ones that you provide. If you want to target homeowners, or people with particular hobbies and interests, there is plenty of data to choose from and we will even send you a sample to test it!