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How Useful is Your Data?

Understanding Your Customers The main goals of any marketing campaign is to relate in a meaningful way to your audience so that you increase your customer base, sales figures and ultimately your profit. Without understanding who your customers are and what makes them who they are, it's difficult to communicate with them in a way that is both effective and engaging. Understanding your customers begins with having up to date consumer marketing data.When asked about the why of the failure of their marketing campaign, many business owners gave poor data accuracy, lack of usability of their data and lack of debt of their data as the main reasons. Maximise Your Marketing Campaign's Success Before you engage in an expensive, full scale marketing campaign, it is necessary to know exactly what information you need to have at hand to successfully target your intended audience.Although you can do this yourself, you will most likely in a very short time become completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the data. Have You Got the Resources You will, especially as a small business owner, find that you simply haven’t got the resources available to you to wade through all this data. You will also almost certainly make the very common mistake of being guided by what is currently available to you rather than investigating what could in fact become available to you as additional data if you ask the right questions regarding your target audience.     Read More

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What Is Data Health?

The success of your business depends on the quality of your business decisions, decisions which in turn depend almost entirely on the quality of the… Read More

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