Your business is your business, and no one will ever feel as passionately about it as you do but in order to make prospects feel the same way, you need to reflect that passion for your business back to your prospect and focus the spotlight on them. Always make the conversation about them, what they need and what they can get out of what you are trying to sell. Make sure they know how it will benefit them, how it will save them time and money and most importantly of all that you are there to help. People like to feel secure in any purchase they make, so it’s important to not only sell but keep them interested after they’ve bought so that they’ll want to buy again and again.

Give Your Customers Value

When marketing to your business data list, make sure that you are offering something of value to them or their business. Give consumers multiple options – everyone likes variety because a lot of the time, consumers can’t make up their mind, about anything – what to have for dinner, what clothes to buy, what type of computer processor is best… By offering more options you are providing a way to make your customers feel valued, you are trying to help them see what options are available to them to aid one or more of their needs. Offering value in what you do and what you market to your customers, also builds a respect because you are suggesting various ways and means instead of telling them “this is what you should do…”.

Tell Your Story

Story telling is an obvious way to represent your ideas to a prospect in a way that is suited to them; you can use creative communication to help them to picture themselves in scenarios where they would be using your product and service, and this will explain how it will make their life easier etc.

Telling the story about your product could be done in creative content with images or in a video to your email marketing lists, or you may want your telemarketing team to deliver your sales message in this way as part of their script. Sensory and powerful language can also be used at the same time as telling your story in order to evoke feelings that you’d like them to have, further engaging them in your product. It could be that you encourage them to see how happy they would be when using your product, the compliments they would hear or experiences they would be breeze through as a result of using your service. Would it give them stunning systems to work with, sensational templates or amazing after sales care? Explain it to them in words they will get excited about and understand.

Customise your emails so that it includes their name and brand name. Personalising your marketing in such a way is another opportunity to create value, build rapport and increase respect.