If you are a company that’s looking to grow your database or a more established business that is trying to expand, there is a lot to be said for utilising the power of SEO campaigns along with paid advertising campaigns to increase the size of your database of potential customers, through the method of email capture.

By using email marketing lists to send out marketing material and offers to those who have already found your business, along with any business or consumer data that you already hold or data which you want to purchase, you will be increasing your chances of success.

Location Based Targeting

In recent mobile marketing news, Yahoo who is one of the world’s largest search engines, is set to work with Statiq to increase location based targeting for brands within the UK, so you can imagine the possibilities for your business when using both SEO plus targeted business data to attract new prospects – prospects who are within your area and have a need for your services.

Even though businesses and consumers being targeted via specific areas isn’t new, what is the change is more meaningful campaigns, looking at what devices are used and where etc.

Physical Shop? Look Forward to Increased Footfall

If you use Yahoo ads, then you can sure to look forward to an increased footfall using this method as tested by Statiq and Yahoo. Their first campaign for o2 increased footfall to shops within the consumer’s location by 2.3 times, based on the paid advertising. So, when you couple this along with data for consumers which is also target towards those within specified locations, you will not only increase brand awareness greatly but increase sales as well.

Prepare To Succeed

Planning and preparing will lead to campaigns that perform well. By reviewing your database, making improved and informed choices about who your best customers are and taking action will ultimately lead to your marketing and advertising working for you. If you are not doing any form of data accrual, SEO campaign or paid search get in touch with us today. You can also enquire via our form on the website for a free SEO audit, where you can check for any glitches within your current SEO strategy.

We can also help to improve rankings, make on-site changes and look at your competitors to give you the advantage.  Building your database, along with increasing your place in search via organic and paid methods are vital elements of the marketing mix. Let us help you get to started and begin receiving more enquiries now!