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Agency Partner Products
Agency Partner Process

We know the importance of agency relationships and have implemented a streamlined system for managing agency requirements from start to finish. With priority turnaround times, and dedicated account managers and production team members we’ll ensure you get the support you need to generate a successful additional revenue stream.

As leading data suppliers, our focus has always been on providing consistantly accurate business and consumer data for prospect marketing. We consider data to be the fuel for company growth as it plays a big part in campaign outcomes. As our company has grown we’ve developed marketing systems that have supported our data supply services and now offer a full data bureau suite for cleaning and updating end client databases, a powerful email broadcasting platform designed for prospecting as well as subscriber list management, and our latest addition, Seola, which brings all the elements of internet marketing together in one place.

We offer three tiers for our agency partners depending on the level of involvement you want in the processing, and the volume of enquiries and orders.

Introducer Agency Partner. Introducers have less involement in the order process but receive commission from any introduced clients on first order and for the duration of the client relationship. 10% Agency Commission. Free Annual Agency Fee.

Affiliate Agency Partner. Affiliate Partners manage the relationships with their end clients and are able to offer competitively priced data and marketing services as additioanl revenue streams to their existing product and service portfolio. 20% Agency Commission. £199 Annual Agency Fee.

Premium Agency Partner. Premium Partners have further options for branded reporting and marketing materials. Our services take on a white labelled approach for a more seamless end client experience. 30% Agency Commission. £499 Annual Agency Fee.

The success of our agency partners can largely be put down to streamlined system processes and reliable support. Our quick help agency guides ensure you have the information at hand for end client pricing structures, any applicable license pricing, and summarised benefits and features of each product and service.

We want you to feel confident in explaining our products and services, as if they are your own. Your dedicated account manager is here to answer any queries and will offer support and guidance throughout the whole process.

Our award winning data supply products

  • Oracle – Over 40 million consumers with standard profiling ability

  • Oracle Live – Data exports cleaned in real-time for quality and compliance

  • Lifestyle – Over 12 million consumers with more insight for profiling

  • Lifestyle Premium – Additional insight from credit referencing agencies

  • Optick Consumer – Over 12 million email records for opted-in consumers

  • Optick Consumer Premium – Perfect for multi-channel marketing

  • Optick Business – Over 1 million email records for opted-in businesses

  • Optick Business Premium – Perfect for multi-channel marketing

  • Insight – Our main business database with over 4 million contacts

  • Insight Premium – The top contacts within the UK’s top 20 thousand companies

  • Tech Insight – Companies using specific software or hardware

  • Public Insight – Contacts in local and central government, NHS and GP surgeries

  • Education Insight – Contacts in schools, colleges and universities

Next step: If you are interested in becoming an agency partner, speak to your UK Datahouse representative who will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as start setting up your agency on the partner platform.

1.) Complete Partnership Application
2.) Complete Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement
3.) Complete Agency Platform Setup

The whole process should take no longer than 48 hours and we’ve summarised the three main steps here. When our Partner Agreement goes live, you’ll be able to login, start requesting services and track your order progress and commissions.  

Download Agency Documents

If you want to proceed with becoming an agency partner, your representative will send you these documents during the setup process. You can download each document here to review the contents. We’ve included an Agency Partner overview, the application, and a copy of the mutual non-disclosure agreement.