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Purchasing Data for Your Business’s Marketing

It is very common these days for a business to purchase data on which important business decisions will be based. Business today is data-driven, and business success, or the lack thereof, can be shown to be directly related to the accuracy of the data used to make important business decisions. One very common use of purchased data is when a company is planning an expansion of its product range or services range, and needs to carry out market research in the consumer or business sector, regarding the long term feasibility and profitability of the proposed expansion. Is The Data You’re Using Fit For Purpose? It is vital for a company, when purchasing third party data, that the data obtained fit the purpose. Before purchasing data, you need do two things. Firstly, you to have an idea of the type of customer you are targeting with your expansion. Secondly, you need to question the quality of the proposed supplier of this data. Have you asked the necessary questions? The type of customer you are targeting will determine the type of data you need to acquire. Read More

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What Is Data Health?

The success of your business depends on the quality of your business decisions, decisions which in turn depend almost entirely on the quality of the… Read More

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Business To Customer Sales Leads

High Quality Consumer Data For Telemarketing Your sales staff are central to the success of your business - if they don't make sales, your profit goes down or stays the same. This is, to most people, a very self-evident statement and making it gets seen as bordering on the ridiculous. But is it indeed such a ridiculous statement to make? When looking at sales, most people will just see the numbers involved, and simply make the circular statement that in order to increase profit, either the units sold must increase or the profit margins must increase. In order to increase the numbers…we must increase the numbers. One of the most effective ways of achieving this increase in sales is through the technique known as telemarketing. However, only to often is insufficient thought given to which numbers they are talking about and how this increase can be achieved in an efficient way. Until, that is, it dawns on those responsible that expensive staff is working hard on trying to increase the numbers but getting nowhere because they don’t have the right tools at hand. As always, the solution lies in making the right consumer marketing data available to your sales staff. Telemarketing Lists For All Types Of Marketing Campaigns Ensuring that your sales staff are armed with top quality, relevant, accurate and up-to-date data is vital if you don’t want to see your staff increasing the numbers at the wrong end of the equation while those that need to be increased remain stagnant or, even worse, decrease. To ensure that your staff have the tools they need for a successful telemarketing campaign, your first port of call must be a visit to an established, reliable and trustworthy supplier of data like UK Datahouse. Not only do we guarantee you that the data purchased from us is indeed accurate and up-to-date, we ensure that the data will meet, and most likely even exceed, the specific requirements needed for your successful business to customer telemarketing campaign. We will also assist you in constructing your successful campaign based on the lists we provide.   Read More

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Marketing Data in 2016

Data driven marketing is engaging the marketing departments of companies now more than ever because it offers a much more targeted approach, in the way… Read More

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