If you have been looking for new ways to gain customers, then you might have overlooked the fact that business or consumer data is a distinct possibility in helping you to generate new leads.  Having a targeted audience will make your efforts much more beneficial, as you will have all ear and eyes open to why your product or service should be the one that consumers choose over others.

With so many emails received each day, it’s also vital that your database of email marketing lists are up to date, accurate and opted-in.  Sending out promotional emails to those who have chosen to unsubscribe will not endear you to them and could give your business a bad reputation, as will sending your information to someone who has left the company long ago unwanted time.  Acquiring new customers is a skill but the process of acquisition will be more efficient with targeted data.

Consumer or Business Data?

If you’re unsure what category your business will fit into when it comes to sourcing data, then we can act as an extension of your business to help you find the best consumer marketing data possible.  We are all consumers but some businesses wish to target other businesses only and this is absolutely fine. 

If you sell products that only a homemaker or hobbyist would need and have no requirements for business targeting, then we can create lists perfectly suited to your needs.  We have a range of residential data that is selected through online and offline surveys, designed to learn more about people’s interests and lifestyles, such as travel, occupation, age, homeowner status and more.

Whatever your product or service, UK Datahouse can help to promote it to the best mixture of lists possible whether for businesses or consumers.

It All Starts with The Count

Knowing what prospects you’d like to target is just the beginning.  Once you have decided the type of customers you’d like to attract, we’re then on hand to offer a free count from the start so that you are aware of the number of people that are available to reach out to, and if you already have your own data which you want to add to, then we can offer a free data audit to make sure that your current database is more precise and ready for your new campaigns. 

Having opted-in data makes it much easier to promote your products and that’s what we can provide from the start.  If you need a breakdown of what the data covers then this will also be provided to you, free of charge.  It helps to know what consumer types and business types exist within your local area, so that you can actively market to the right prospects and if you have national or international data requirements, then let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to arrange a data count for you based on these.