When marketing to businesses that are part of the public sector, there may be a sense that tendering is a very valid but yet restricted option. Most companies looking to work with say the NHS, local government bodies or Universities will usually go down the tendering process in order to win small to large contracts and will thus have to compete against other like businesses.

Aside from the tendering option then, if you have the right contacts and build a good relationship with public sector customers, then there is no reason why you can’t offer value in helping that organisation to run smoothly for however long your services are needed.

How To Get Started

The first thing to understand will be what your product or service will offer to the organisation that you’re trying to connect to. Will it help their IT systems or processes? Will it be a more tangible product offering like the interior design and furnishing of a new building? Or is it developmental training packages that are to be delivered within a group setting?

By identifying the needs of your prospect first, you will then be able to ensure that you have targeted public sector or education data that meets those requirements. Most individuals know this if they are a sole-trader or established business, yet somehow forget the needs of the customer and focussing more on the service they are providing.

Creating The Right Campaign

So, you now have the needs of your prospect in mind and you also have the business data that you need to start your marketing campaigns. The next thing will be to look at how you approach these prospects in the way that’s again most effective for them.

At UK Datahouse, we use email marketing lists to send out via our own platform so that you can enjoy leads coming in without having to pick up the phone. Email marketing is a very effective and non-intrusive way of reaching new prospects and allowing them time to digest the information that you have sent. Business appointment setting is also useful way of arranging a time with a senior decision maker, so that you can relay the benefits of your product or service in full in a one-to-one session or meeting. Appointment setting can also be provided by our team, so if you go out to meet potential customers please let us know if we can help to increase the number of appointments that you currently generate.

A Steady Stream

After successfully connecting with potential clients, you will be able to home in on those who are the most interested in what you can provide to them, and so generate valued customers. Using public sector and education email marketing lists frequently, perhaps purchasing more records each month as time goes on, will be invaluable in bringing you a regular stream of consistent clients for now and the future. Having a steady stream of new business is vital to your ongoing growth and success.