There are many options out there to assist with your marketing campaigns, and it is no different when it comes to purchasing marketing data.  Budget and list preferences will obviously be top of the list, with many businesses choosing to go with a cheap fix.  But the numbers game isn’t always the best bet and could actually have a negative effect on your business’s reputation.  So by using marketing data that is reliable and that you can trust, your team will be one step ahead of their game and your campaigns will be as well.  It may cost you more in the beginning but will prove its cost-effectiveness as the campaigns progress, and those businesses with vision will know that it’s better to look at the long-term when considering anything involving growth strategy, and this definitely includes marketing data. 

Think About Reliable Data Supply

Data supply is an area of concern for most businesses, as they want to ensure that the data they buy will work.  Knowing that you are buying your business or consumer data from a reliable source will definitely ease your worries – you could look at reviews, testimonials and awards but if the data supplier offers samples or extended information then even better, you can see what type of data you will be supplied with.  You could also get one of your staff to use phone or email to test its validity. This is something that you cannot do with bulk purchase lists, and these are also lists that have no real guarantee in being clean or relevant to your business.  With that said, you will want your email marketing, telemarketing and direct mail sends to be the best that they can be, and having a good data supply will ensure that you make your mark in the right way and nurture more prospects this year.

Nurturing The Data You Have

If you already have quite a lot of data from your subscriber lists, then make sure that you stay on top it.  Having your data cleansed by a company that offers professional data cleaning services, will ensure that you stay on track with email, telephone numbers and addresses etc.  You will waste valuable time if you are sending out email newsletters to your list, not realising that only 50% are live email addresses.  So if you nurture the contacts you have already and make sure you have accurate data for your prospects, your campaigns will be all the more successful – and even more successful when you buy marketing data to add to the list!