All businesses want the opportunity to sell their products to willing audiences and at this time of year, the strength of that approach is evidently more noticeable. December is a time for celebrations and holidays but also a chance to make good on offers throughout Boxing Day and the New Year’s sales, whether you’re thinking of purchasing or promoting.

However, it’s also important to remember those customers who’ve been with you for a while and in turn direct some of that focus and energy into maintaining good relations.  How can we do this?  One of the services offered at UK Datahouse is direct mail marketing and this includes everything from audience selection to delivery.


Get it in The Christmas Post!

Direct mail is a more personalised style of marketing and this is one of the main reasons why it is still, according to recent statistical evidence by InfoTrends, a successful one at that.  This year it was noted that 66% of direct mail is opened and that 62% of consumers that responded within 3 months made a purchase.  Direct mail marketing offers a very good return on investment and can cost as little as the price of a stamp.

If you’re after ideas, you can look at creating various experiences within your direct mailshot so that the consumer feels part of it – this could be three dimensional or include links to visuals once the recipient signs up via a URL.

You could also choose to send an introducer mail piece to business data, made up of companies you’ve not been in contact with before.  Studies by Canada Post Smartmail™ Marketing have shown that direct mail can carry positive messages and be much easier to understand for some people, when compared to digital media.  In terms of brand recall, which is what all businesses aim for, receiving mail in the post leads to a much higher increase in brand recall of 70%.  This is because there are many things at play to excite and entertain the brain and the emotions – physicality, data and connection.


Give Them An Offer

As with all marketing, give your customers an offer they can’t refuse – you should also be thinking with this mindset if you want to see success.  Can you give them a good discount? A “buy one get one half price” offer? There are many ideas which can be used to help attract new customers to your business.

You could even split test your mailings to see which offers works best for you and will give you more insight into what’s best for your customer.  Make sure that you follow up on your direct mail, unlike with email where you can see trackable results, you will have to be you could choose to telemarket or add a specific code to the mail piece so that you track the campaigns effectiveness.

When choosing to buy marketing lists for your next campaign, visit our website or give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help!