Descriptive Images

A picture tells a thousand words as the saying goes but it’s also true for the names you use in the images for your articles. Always make sure that you have an ALT tag, description and key words to your images so that you can come up for these in search as well. Potential customers respond more highly to visual marketing, using images or videos, more than they do to text and this behaviour probably has to do with not having enough time to read through the information that you have provided as well as being curious creatures.

Help the search engine bots by adding descriptions to your images, so that they recognise what the images are for and what content they relate to. It may take time if you have a lot of imagery on your site but it’s these simple yet effective changes you make to your website that can help with is rise in search.

Use Social Media Often

Daily use of Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for example, can really help to move your website higher in the search engines. This can be simple organic process where you are posting daily or when using something like a Facebook advertising package. Both paid advertising and organic listings linking to daily updates will help your site to rise so it’s best to get started with this right away – your competitors have the advantage over you if you ar not using these platforms right now.

Protect Against Search Engines Updates

You must ensure that your website is audited, preferably whenever you have time but quarterly is suffice, in order to protect it from any Google updates, such as Panda. This means that you are not missing key issues that need to be changed within the sites structure, to make it SEO friendly for the bots, increase your site loading speed and so on. The most important thing is that your site is relevant to search users; that it will help anyone trying to find the products and services you provide via particular key phrases.

Consistent Effort Brings Great Results

As a data provider, when we talk about adding to your database, cleansing your data and suppressing any contacts no longer needed, the same can be said of the links that point to your website. In order to keep on top of what is called the offsite SEO, one must look at building links in a consistent way – this can mean daily, weekly or monthly but it must be consistent – it is mainly because the search engines like this type of behaviour and it also means that you are keeping on top of this important part of your marketing. Try to remove bad links, add new links and build on the amount if websites that you use for this purpose.

Hope you enjoyed our top tips, come back for more soon! And if you would like to access assistance for SEO, business data, paid advertising or anything else, please do get in contact with us.