The Global Life Database. 370 million contacts in 230 countries with truly diverse profiling.




  • Hundreds of the most popular countries covered
  • Millions of international records available
  • Thousands of profiling options
  • One single source

Through extensive research and collaboration with companies around the world, we’ve created the Global Life database. Global Life covers over 230 countries and has more than 370 million contacts in total. Whether you’re looking for avid book readers in Lithuania or golf club members in Brazil, Global Life has access to an abundance of different profiling options across the globe.

We appreciate the whole database will never be relevant to any one business. Instead, we like to think of Global Life as a vast collection of smaller niche datasets to which we have applied the same set of rigorous quality and compliance procedures as our UK based datasets.

The data is refreshed on a maximum 12 month life cycle, irrelevant of its origins. This very first protocol guarantees consistant accuracy while we continue our collaboration efforts to profile new options and datasets, ever increasing our already significant Global reach.


There’s such a vast array of variables, covering so many parts of the world that it would be unhelpful to simply list them. To highlight just how diverse these can be, we’ve given a few examples below.


Antique Asian Furniture Collectors in Argentina – 12,542 records. Weight Loss Program Buyers in Canada – 74,097 records. Casino Goers in South Africa – 9,164 records. High-class Hair Salon Users in Norway – 16,269 records. Multiple Credit Card Holders in New Zealand – 45,329 records. Medical Literature Readers in Russia – 19,916 records.


One particularly popular request we receive is ex-pat data. We have access to ex-pats from UK, USA, Canada and Australia who are now working around the world. Some ex-pats are people who have emigrated to live in a new county, while others are people working short term contracts abroad (often in the oil and gas industry).


Given the breadth of the various profiling options, let us do the hard work and find the datasets which are most relevant to your marketing campaign. Get it touch today and one of our experienced staff will discuss your campaigns goals and then run some counts on the data that we have available in the countries or regions that you are targeting. We’ll then provide you with a full report breaking down the data that we think will be right for you and your marketing activities.


Next step: If you like the idea of sourcing perfectly targeted international customers, then why not contact us to discuss what we can do for you. Submit a quote request below, use the chat facility here on the site, or give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your business goals and offer the options relevant to meeting them.