Given the amount of ways that consumers can buy into any product these days, there will be businesses that struggle with the challenges presented to them through the ever changing digital landscape.  Now you have to always be thinking in a customer-centric fashion.  Targeting prospects can be done through the use of consumer data and a variety of marketing campaigns but we need to approach those campaigns in the best way once we have a list of targeted prospects to hand.

A recent study by ClickZ has shown that there is an increasing need for companies to assess the ways that consumers are using technologies and finds them paying more attention to how the use of these technologies fit in with their marketing plans.  Based on a percentage of US based households for example, over the long-term, they found that from the time innovative products came about, such as the washing machine and dishwasher, consumption of such products grew at a considerable pace. This is happening now more than ever with items such as the smart phone, smart TV and so on but businesses are falling behind in how to market these products in a customer-centric way because of how quickly these products are evolving.  This timely need brings us back to data and is perfect reason why you need accurate consumer data in order to reach the right prospects.  Old data will be based on a customer’s interest in perhaps an old technology that has since moved forward, even in a timeline of just 1 year. 

People are spending 8 hours a day using digital inventions, products and software that is ever evolving but what this also means is that they are spending less time at openings, launches, trade shows, exhibitions and meetings; the consumer, be it for personal or business needs, is creating more inbound enquiries for businesses and that means your business needs to be on top of that usage and data.

It All Begins With Data

So we have the innovative products but now we need to look at innovative ways to connect those products to the consumer.  If you understand your product offering then you will know that you need data that reflects that – in order for your marketing and promotions to be at their most effective, you need to start with the data.  Growing your company’s email marketing lists needs to be more than simply a ‘subscribe now’ button on your website or collecting emails at a local event.  Your business needs to be generating the right leads and using the right data to access the consumer market in the best way.

Whether you are targeting businesses or consumers, having accurate and opted in data will make for a more fruitful response when sending out direct mail or email campaigns.  Even your sales team will be better place to make sales calls, knowing that they will be getting through to the right person.  Of course, someone can leave a company and a consumer can change occupation but you will still have a greater chance of success than someone who has little to no data at all.

Data For Digital Enthusiasts

Following on from the report about consumers using technology no more than ever and campaigns needing to reflect that trend, we can also look at the people are creating those innovation – perhaps you are looking to advertise your software or hardware to companies that may be looking for your designs?  Having data to hand that targets software or hardware users or companies will provide a much better response than manually looking up companies to email or using cheap data that contains incorrect email or name information.

Digital plays a big part in society and if you’re offering a way for businesses to market to people with this in mind, then they will be ready to hear about what you have to offer.  These prospects may not be using software already implemented in their company and so this could be another way in which you help them to be more productive.  It is also a way out making sure that you are looking at how you can best serve your customers, rather than being focused on the internal needs of the business.