Another way to gain more customers through branding is via social media.  Why not improve your following by using your own, personalised hashtags which include words that are related to your company’s name and includes your company name itself?  With so many people retweeting interesting information, it’s a quick an easy way to increase the amount of people that not only see your logo but get an immediate sense of what your business is all about. We help companies with business data, so it makes sense that sometimes we will talk about that in our Twitter feeds but also mention our name #UKDatahouse.  This is a simple and effective strategy that any business can employ.

Increase Repeat Business Through Email Marketing

If you are re-defining your brand by way of updating your website and/or logo, then your first port of call will be to let current customers and potential leads know via your email marketing lists.  Spread the news about your new look and make sure that people are encouraged to click through to your new website.  The more traffic you can generate to your newly branded site, logo and so on, the quicker it will be to solidify that with your current prospects.

Your emails should also fully reflect any new branding and mission too.  If you want your customers to see you in a new light, let them know how you can help them and what benefits they can enjoy.  Are they

Don’t Forget A Striking Tagline

When building your brand, you have to make sure it’s clearly defined so that people can immediately understand it.  Having a tagline which describes your company in a nutshell and that people will easily remember you by, is a great start and may even help with the logo design stage if you are stuck for ideas.

Everyone remembers Richard Branson’s book titled, “Screw It, Let’s Do It” because the title was simple, said something about his brand (that brand being strongly related to his personality) and it also draws slight reference to another famous brand Nike, “Just Do It”.  This analogy proves that by using something that already works really well alongside an original idea and a shot of personality goes a long way in creating a tagline which no one forgets.  Even better if the logo perfectly fits the tagline and overall branding, then customers won’t forget anything about your business or what it does.

Be Memorable

Obviously the one thing all businesses want is for customers to come to them first and the best place to start for that to happen, is with your branding.  Once you have a solid foundation and you stand out from the rest then all things growth become possible: achieving better results via email marketing, SEO, using business data, paid advertising and so on and seeing those leads generated converting to sales and of course happy customers!  Branding should be about gaining the trust of potential customers

If you need assistance with your branding and being more memorable, or want to get some advice on building business or consumer databases to attract the right customers, then get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.  We don’t just do data, we rethink your marketing and re-marketing to help it work for you.