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Email marketing is a great way to reach thousands of customers and costs much less than traditional marketing methods. Information taken from the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), shows that email marketing has outperformed direct mail in sheer volume, which isn’t surprising considering it’s more cost effective, more targeted and more measurable than direct mail.

As experts in the data industry, we have many options to help target your email marketing to exactly the right customers. We will work with your specification and branding to create a recognisable email campaign, which enables you to contact potential new customers or keep in touch with your existing customers via regular, targeted messages. You can either tailor one of our standardised templates to suit your requirements, or work with us to create a bespoke design.


Before sending out your email marketing campaign, it is essential that you plan it thoroughly to guarantee a fruitful return on your investment. A successful email campaign must be planned in advance and should take into consideration your target audience and their needs, your campaign objectives, your marketing budget and how you will carry out and track the results of your campaign. The more relevant and targeted your campaign is, the more likely it will be successful. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of a campaign’s success rate is due to the targeting of it and 20% is due to the creative side of it. Using relevant, targeted data helps to increase brand awareness and will lead to higher positive response rates.


No matter how targeted your email message is, it can only be as good as your marketing lists, which is why it’s so important to have accurate and up to date marketing lists. Undelivered emails are bad news for your campaign, as are high unsubscribe rates. Tell us who you want to reach and we will select clean, responsive, email data.


It’s just as important to measure the success of your campaign. We use our advanced email platform, capable of delivering millions of emails every month, to reach your potential or existing customers. The reports it produces allow us to measure the responses, and more importantly, the conversions. Future email marketing campaigns should be focused on increasing the amount of recipients that open your email then click through to generate a lead or a sale. Monitoring the results of your campaign will help you achieve this.


As your marketing partner we’ll work with you to understand your business, your strategy and your core objectives and provide relevant options to identify the best prospects for your requirements. Start by telling us what you’re aiming to achieve and we’ll send you clear information along with transparent pricing. We work with new business start-ups through to some of the largest corporations in the UK. They’ve all got something in common, they want to see their business grow and we’re here to help that happen.


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