If you’re looking for more customers, then direct marketing to the public sector data may be an option.  Most businesses target those companies in the private sector when marketing their products, failing to see the advantages of working with larger organisations that receive public funding; funding which can, in part, be used on the products and/or services that you provide.  So where do you start promoting your goods and services to these organisations and start making a name for yourself within the public sector domain?

Gather a list of Potential Prospects

With multiple profiling options to target decision makers in local government, the NHS or educational establishments, it won’t be long before you have a targeted list of people from which to start a following and hopefully, a new customer base.

If you are already involved with tendering, you will understand the lengthy process it can sometimes be and may want another option to help boost your chances of success.  Therefore,  if you have a list of decision makers and buyers, public sector data which includes decision makers who are ready to try something new and have the budget ready in order to get started, you’re one step ahead of the competition.  You can purchase a list to get started from UK Datahouse by filling in our quote form and letting us know what you need.

Product Promotion & Procurement

Your main port of call when advertising and marketing to the public sector, should be the procurement officer and manager.  They will be the ones to impress, and who ultimately make the decision on new purchases and in choosing whether to go ahead and work with your company.  Your business needs to understand who will benefit most from your products and services, so maybe have your marketing and sales team conduct a brainstorming session to come up with ideas and work towards how best to design your marketing campaign:

  • is it a software that schools can use?
  • are you creating advanced technology that could be used by hospitals?
  • perhaps you lease different types of machinery that can be used by councils and help to lower their monthly costs

Whatever your product, once you have purchased your public sector business data you then need to market it to the right person in a format that they will easily receive and can fully understand.  How you promote your product will be everything and if the school, college, hospital or council decide to work with you, then your business and brand will be seen by even more potential customers and word of mouth will spread.

What About Creative Collaboration?

The main things that public sector organisations will look for when purchasing a service is efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security. If your service offers part of the overall requirement they need, then collaborate with other vendors to make one, cost-effective solution that is good for everybody. As budgets are always in mind for these types of business, getting the best deal with be key.

Get started on your public sector marketing plans today with our award-winning data!  If your stuck for ideas for your marketing campaigns, we can also tailor something which suits your needs perfectly – just get in touch with us by clicking here.