There’s an old saying of “two heads are better than one”.  This can be true in many ways for business relationships and co-working, today; businesses who are aligned, have similar goals and can collaborate together will achieve much indeed and with so many co-working spaces now, there is so much opportunity to do just that.  Perhaps if you are networking or using online directories, think about partnering up with a similar business to offer a combined set of services.

The music business is well-known for many a collaboration and the latest advertising and marketing promotions for Snickers proves it’s still going strong.  Following on from their last successful adverts involving Joan Collins as an angry footballer and Mr. Bean as a martial arts master, they decided to carry on with the changing-of-appearances trend and add some musical influence, still with a comedic edge – with that said, bring on Elton John and Boogie.

Authentic Audience Targeting

It is a perfect collaboration: Elton John’s tour is coming up, Boogie needs some online coverage to display his hip-hop talent to the world and Snickers needs to attract younger audiences (and those who are very mobile-centric) to the Snickers brand.  The same location was used for the rapper’s video after the advert had been completed, acting as a teaser for the new single.  Bringing together stars that people recognise from across the board, help Snickers to add more weight to their campaign, the brand and redefine their target market.

Being mobile-centric is also proving more and more important in terms of giving the best possible customer journey and helps to spread your message more effectively.  You want to ensure that you’re converting those potential customers into one of your happy customers, or at the very least getting them on to one of your email marketing lists.  You want their first experience of your goods and services to be one that they’ll enjoy and remember, bringing them back again and again.

Finding Your Perfect Partner in Business

So, how can you find such collaborations in business?  Well, business data will always be a very reliable source for finding those accurate business contacts, namely those senior decision makers who reside in the industries you prefer.  Whether you’re looking for an investor or someone to work on business ideas with we have contacts such as high net worth individuals or businesses in the same industry as you, to help get the ball rolling.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can provide data, business leads, marketing packages and more, working towards the conversion of those all-important leads.