getting enough new business?  You could be looking at other businesses at networking meetings or perhaps your competitor’s presence online and considering making some key changes to bring in more customers, and when marketing your business there could never be a better time than right now.  It could also be that you’ve been marketing to the wrong audience, so with business data that is accurate, targeted and fresh you can finally start to connect to prospects that actually want the services and products you provide.  Whilst all marketing methods are important, if you don’t have enough data or it’s aged then you need to add new consumer data to your mix to open up more opportunities to promote your business.

With our business data provision your current database can not only be extended but we will also de-duplicate and append the data that you currently have, so that you don’t have any duplicate email records or phone numbers etc. and for the new data to be added to your database.  This is important if you are conducting email marketing, as you don’t want to be contacting too many people at the same business email address suffix or sending your direct mail campaigns to the wrong business address and wasting valuable resources. 

There are many advantages to adding to your current database, the most important of which is to help keep your business growing – you can never have enough customers, even if you think you are busy enough now – therefore, we recommend that you continually add new business data to your database, as new businesses are starting up every month and you can offer these businesses that every start-up needs. 

Advantages to Database Cleaning

If you’ve never thought about cleaning the business or consumer data that you have, then it may be time to think again.  Database cleaning is so important to your business because if you are sending out marketing material to the wrong email or business address, you could either get your email blocked or classed as spam, or waste money or sending out printed brochures or flyers.  Another advantage is that if your call centre staff are using cleansed consumer telemarketing lists, they are more likely to get better results from their efforts and this will have a positive effective on their productivity, and hopefully then lead to a higher return on investment as well.

Even if you purchased new data a few months ago, you may not get through to a contact because they are no longer working at the company you are introducing yourself to, so calling or emailing them will be a waste of time.  This is when database cleaning can be very useful and save you valuable time.  By having the right contact for the business’s decision maker, you will get through to them more effectively, start your relationship with your new prospect off on the right foot and hopefully gain a new customer as well.