There are many factors that influence how people spend their money: local economy, traditions, keeping up with the many trends available, or even down to what friends and family are buying; consumer marketing data pulls out the information needed to create targeted consumer data for marketing purposes. This kind of information is very useful when you are looking to attract buyers of a certain age range, location, salary bracket or other determining criteria. When you purchase consumer marketing data it will reflect those all-important trends and habits that people display day to day, and in order to give potential customers what they want first time.

Taking Note From Consumer Behaviour

Following on from what customers want and how they buy, we source data based on consumer behaviour. People have hobbies that they enjoy on a weekend, only go to certain supermarkets to do their weekly shopping, or perhaps have particular places in the world that they like to travel to more than others. All of these types of factors will determine the kinds of offers that they are most likely to sign up for, and it is this kind of information that is most beneficial when you are trying market to the best prospects possible. Targeting the right consumers will bring you much more beneficial results, and save you money and time on your marketing campaigns.

Getting More Customers Through Consumer Based Marketing

Let us look at a scenario to prove that by taking note of consumer behaviour you can make good on current trends. You have a new website, which is e-commerce, and sells fashion for women only. You will have offers and discounts on your website to attract the bargain hunters and low-cost fashion family to your business. You also have the website optimised for any mobile device, and are particularly interested in attracting young women to the site who are between the ages of 18-35.

Already we have the kind of prospect in our mind which would be perfect for this type of website: female, quite a large age range, likes to shop and loves a bargain, potentially a lower income (as they like the deals) and internet savvy, so will probably be interested in mobile alerts as well as regular emails for the latest discounts and offers. By looking at your new business model in just a few seconds, we have determined that if you have the right data, you will attract the best audience and buyers to your website. You can buy your marketing lists for any consumer campaign, from UK Datahouse. Just give us a call, email or fill in our contact form to get started!