As we approach the run up to Christmas, many companies like yours will use a variety of methods to inspire and excite customers to sign up or purchase services.  You may decide to send out direct mail shots, email campaigns, use pay per click advertising or other ways to gain interest, but your aim will be the same as any other: quality services, happy customers and a good return on investment for you.

Christmas spending trends for 2016 saw the average Brit spending £748 per person and this year it’s set to look like £79 billion will be spent, with focuses on beauty and tech industries (Statista).  If you have an online or physical shop or sell other services, then you will want to get your campaigns started now to gain maximum achievement.


Keep People Happy

Even though email marketing is a great way to promote your business, not all companies will use the method.  It may come as a surprise that one of the biggest food chains in the UK decided to cut all email marketing efforts earlier this year, focusing on only social media to promote its offers.  Wetherspoons said they would be deleting customer’s email addresses, which was perhaps prompted not only by large fines that other firms had received but by a breach in the security of their database as well.  Morrisons were also fined this year because they sent emails to those who had “unsubscribed”, which could be seen as an oversight at best.  If you are sending out email campaigns keep your reputation intact by making sure that you cleanse your data first and sending only to those recipients who are still subscribed.

How you choose to use the consumer data you hold or purchase will reflect back in terms of results, with the main focus being first on delivery and then engagement.  Investing in consumer data, rather than simply using your website’s subscriber list, will provide you with fresh contacts and allow you to consistently expand your efforts.


Offer Customers Options & Protect Your Brand

How then can we connect to people, make a difference, keep them happy and still gain their custom?  Surely the key difference to making a campaign successful is to think “customer first”, ensuring that any marketing campaigns are clear in their offering, highlight the benefits to the recipient and always give an option to opt out.  As a business, you would rather have customers that want to hear from you than pushing your message across to those who wish you didn’t have their email – it’s not hard, is it?  You can also be fined if you don’t add an unsubscribe link or unsubscribe details to your emails.  Therefore, being thoughtful regards the campaigns to potential customers from day one not only builds a stronger foundation for them to stay on your list but protects your most important asset: your brand.

As a UK data provider, we understand the importance of clean and accurate data.  It’s also important to send information to prospects, that are interested in the products or promotions you are sending them and our email marketing lists are tailored as such.