UK Datahouse is one of the leading handlers of data and email marketing lists in today’s information world. With the world well at play in this information era and with the onset of the digital race, information has become the new power. Whosoever possesses the relevant data of a field and has security to manage their private data is already on top.

As the importance of managing data grows, UK Datahouse brings you unmatchable data cleaning services and work with many different businesses throughout the UK. We’re a company that has been established with a sole aim to provide the best possible data to all our clients, irrespective of their field or function.

Business Data Supply

Business data could be used by a company that has just started out, or by one who is looking for a boost in existing business. Our business data consists of relevant up to date contact information about the companies, enabling you to get through to the right prospects. It is crucial to maintain and grow a business’s prospect database, and it’s an undeniable fact that without updated and verified business data a business will not be growing as much as it could be.

UK Datahouse understand that up to date business records are imperative, and so we strive to deliver the best possible solution for any of your business data requirements. The business data and consumer data that we provide is consistently being used by leading service providers, in order to secure new clientele and increase their business’s strength. If a business is maintaining their customer data in a systematic manner, they know that they have the right contact to make new offers and delegate assistance whenever required.

Easy Data Cleaning Services

Duplication of data in the database has many disadvantages. Apart from the confusion it adds, repeated information causes wasted marketing budget and if used for telemarketing, it will only irritate the gatekeeper. Therefor any company maintaining large amounts of data, should periodically call on data cleaning services to make sure that their database is always updated. The data cleaning services provided by UK Datahouse are unmatchable as we make sure that any records in your database are appended with the correct information, and any duplicate records are suppressed.

Marketing Lists At Hand

The data which we supply is opted in, verified and checked with the telephone preference service. This means that for those who are looking to have credible prospect data that will go on to become leads and customers, they can be safe in the knowledge that our business email marketing lists (and consumer data) are valid.

Whether you require data management, need help in generating a business database, want to put together different marketing lists or need a data cleaning service, UK Datahouse can provide you with all of the above at very affordable rates, and customised packages to suit your business and requirements.