Looking to get more clients this year? Gaining them can be one of the most elusive and at times frustrating things on the planet but fear not, we have a useful set of tips below to help you weed out the bad ones and concentrate on the “good guys”. Any business can say that they have enough customers and they don’t need any more business (we’ve heard it all before), but as soon as the lull comes, and no customers are phoning in or walking through the door, then the search is on to find them quickly.

We’re almost halfway through 2018 and if you’ve got plenty of interest and not enough conversion, then you’ll want to think about how you can turn things around. Perhaps get your business development manager what they think and get them to conduct a review. Not knowing the cause of why you’re not attracting new clients is worse than spending out more and more money, merely hoping to generate appeal but not backing that up with historical data and past successes.

6 Tips for Gaining New Clients

1. Telemarketing is definitely not dead. Be sure to use any resources you have, even yourself if you’re a small business to make things happen. Using a quality list of business data prospects is a great way to get started. Cold calling always seems to have a bad rap, so don’t forget to…
2. Send out a welcome email – if you’ve not spoken to the decision maker in question yet, introduce your company, ask questions about what they need and other details about their business – make their business your business. Your first email to potential prospects doesn’t have to be at all salesy, far from it. You could ask them questions by perhaps designing a survey and focus on call to actions that are related to the services which your business can provide to them. Start with email marketing lists that will attract your ideal customer. Building rapport and a connection is at the heart of this exercise, which will then allow you to…
3. Create tailored solutions for your new client, after all a problem shared is a problem halved and they need your help. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. If your ideas can help generate new customers and more revenue, with solid facts and/or testimonials to back them up, then people who are trying to get those new customers but can’t will be all ears.
4. Keep listening to lessons learned from those customers who have gone before and the ones you are working with now. History teaches us much for the future, so by analysing what went wrong and also what works, we can avoid repeating mistakes when assisting new clients. Listen to what the client wants and see where your business’s services or products fits into that.
5. Be bold – when you have gained new clients and they are happy with your services, don’t be afraid to reach out to those who they network with as word will soon travel fast and they will be excited about what they have to gain from working with you too.
6. Making use of technology may sound obvious but there are so many apps, tools and websites available at your disposal (some of which are free), that you may as well make use of them to further your networking ability, time track projects or improve your SEO, for example.

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