The Data Bureau. A full suite of cleaning services to suppress, update, and append.




  • Append alternative channel data
  • Reduce wasted marketing costs
  • Suppress out of date records
  • Protect your brand image

Data is essential for all direct marketing. The quality plays a big part in determining the results, which is why our cost-effective data cleaning services ensure you don’t waste your resources on the wrong audience. We focus on the right prospects through intelligent profiling and run marketing lists through all the latest industry filters, to suppress your old data or append new data. We know good data when we see it and we are confident that you’ll see a positive impact on your results.

By offering a full suite of data bureau services, we can keep your existing database up to date and accurate. Your database is one of the most important assets your business has, so we’ll ensure that it is treated with the respect it deserves. With a wide range of data services to choose from, our expert advisors will help you choose the services which are most relevant to your business. Whether you have an existing database or you are looking for new marketing lists, our data bureau services have something available for everyone.

We use data screening and cleansing methods to inspect data for errors and check for any inaccurate or corrupt records. Any incomplete or irrelevant data is corrected or deleted. We ensure that your data is clean and reliable, which helps you to protect your brand image. 

Data suppression allows us to remove unwanted records, leaving you with accurate and up to date information. Having high quality, relevant data will reduce any wasted marketing costs and improve your campaign results.

Our standard data bureau management processes will amalgamate records while removing unnecessary information and duplicated records. These basic tasks add value to your database by giving you a clearer more accurate view of the true figures.

Our data bureau services include free in-depth business and consumer analysis for identifying new prospects. This will help your business target the most relevant audience for your products and services. We offer free database audit reports to help you to get the most out of your database. Whether new or existing, we can make your database work for you and enable it to reach its full potential. There’s lots we can do – have a look at our services, and see what’s best for your campaign.

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